Thursday, September 18, 2014

New doTERRA Products - 2014 Aspire doTERRA Convention!

Stephanie Blue shared this great synopsis of the new doTERRA products unveiled at the 2014 Aspire doTERRA convention:
  • Breathe respiratory drops. Kinda like a Halls menthol drop but natural.
  • Breathe blend (newly formulated). The new formula has cardamom, an oil that is great for respiratory issues.
  • Correct-X. Sort of like a natural triple antibiotic ointment. A petroleum free oil with lavender, frankincense, melaleuca, cedar wood, and helichrysum. If you know your oils, then you know that this will be super healing!
  • OnGuard toothpaste. Sample size!!! Great for travel, too.
  • Arborvitae essential oil. Arborvitae means the tree of life. Major emotional uses. This one is a MUST for emotional balancing. Powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal with cell renewal properties. Great research on arborvitae and Hepatitis. Excellent for the skin (eczema, dermatitis, etc.). Also good research on candida, staph, and arborvitae. And doTERRA is the ONLY company with this particular species of arborvitae. Woo-hoo!!!
  • Cardamom essential oil. Excellent for the respiratory and digestive system.
  • Terra Greens. A new greens drink. SO excited about this. Add a scoop to your smoothies. Pretty tasty, too.
  • Petal diffuser.
  • Verage skincare line. Very clean and natural.
  • HD skincare line. This is designed for those with more troubled skin.
I personally can't wait to try Correct-X and Arborvite essential oil in particular, but I eventually want to try them all!!!

What are you looking forward to trying? 

Click on this link to find out more about all of the new products.

Monday, September 8, 2014

doTERRA Aspire Convention 2014 - Available through Video on Demand

I'm so excited that for those who aren't able to attend the sold out 2014 dōTERRA Aspire Convention (like me), it'll be available through Video On Demand. Yay!

From doTERRA: 

"Due to the expanding reach of our (CPTG) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, the dōTERRA Aspire 2014 Convention sold out months ago. Our largest convention yet with over 18,000 attendees, still doesn’t cover the thousands who want to join in on this exciting event.

Because we want everyone to experience convention, Wellness Advocates can now join us for this momentous event from the comfort of their own home! Register now for our dōTERRA Aspire 2014 Convention Video On Demand and begin watching the Monday following convention, September 22 at 8am MST. Access to the convention will be available for two weeks or until Monday, October 6.

Register now and receive access to all four General Sessions. Packed with education, inspiration, and new product launches.. In addition, participants will enjoy both product and opportunity training from dōTERRA executives, Wellness Advocate leaders, and industry experts during our main session of Breakouts. Video on Demand is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean."
You can register for the video on demand sessions here.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Free Immortelle Anti-aging blend

Purchase 200 pv in September and receive a free 10 mL bottle Immortelle for free ($93 retail value)!


Immortelle is an essential oil blend containing:
  • Frankincense, which has been found to prevent the expression and activity of several proteins involved in the inflammatory response.
  • Helichrysum, which contains up to 10% diketoes, known for their renewing effects.  It also contains up to 30% sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, known as calming agents, as well as up to 50% esters.
  • Rose, known for its excellent hydrating properties, as well as its support of the skin's elasticity.
  • Lavender, which promotes tissue renewal.  One famous example of this property of lavender involves Dr. René-Maurice Gattefossé, Ph.D., a chemist working in cosmetics, who was burned during a chemical explosion in his lab in 1910.  He treated his burns with pure essential lavender oil, and experienced a quick recovery — without scars.
  • Myrrh, which contributes to the skin's balanced hydration, and supports general tissue repair.
Immortelle is so versatile and powerful, providing repair for the cells on virtually every level. The oils in Immortelle are all specific to cellular repair, which benefits every function of the body. Some of the challenges we have used Immortelle successfully for: 
  • Abscesses (apply hourly or more often, with Oregano for quicker results), 
  • Degenerated Discs (apply to the damaged area of the spine, as well as just above and just below, several times daily), 
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronies Disease (apply to the prostate and all affected areas, several times daily), 
  • Hormone Balancing (apply to the ankles or over the ovaries several times daily), 
  • Macular Degeneration (apply to the bones around the eyes, several times daily), 
  • Nerve Damage (apply directly to the affected area—both ends of the nerve if possible, several times daily), 
  • Scars (apply several times daily), 
  • Thyroid Balancing (apply to the throat, followed by Lemongrass, several times daily), 
  • Warts (apply Immortelle around the wart and Oregano directly to it for even quicker results), 
  • Wound Care, old and new (apply directly to the wound, or the tissues surrounding it, and cover), and 
  •  Wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles under eyes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

doTERRA essential oils in Singapore

Through doTERRA's global access program, we can literally share doTERRA oils with everyone in the world.

We have a happy essential oil user in Singapore. She commented that lavender and Balance oil blend are working well for her children. Her daughter and son are now falling asleep faster than before, and the Balance blend is helping her son to be more focused in his writing.

Three ways to order essential oils in Singapore (all prices are in US dollars)
  1. Retail price here. (Please don't pay retail price unless you are purchasing 1 or 2 oils for less than $50).
  2. Preferred member - Save 20% on the retail price for a one-time $10 membership fee (pays for itself if you purchase $50 or more in product) here.
  3. Wholesale member / Wellness Advocate - Save 25% on the retail price for a $35 membership fee (pays for itself if you purchase $140 or more in product) here.
Retail and wholesale price in Singapore here. 

To contact doTERRA customer service in Singapore:

Customer Service 客服热线
Singapore Customer Service
Contact number:
(65) 3158 - 6214
Tuesday to Friday:
8am - Noon
8am - 10am

If you have any questions, please communicate with our Singapore Customer Service agent.
(65) 3158 - 6214
早上 8 时至中午 12 时
早上 8 时至早上 10 时

Follow doTERRA International's Singapore Facebook page here.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

doTERRA oils in Australia

I'm excited to share that our team is growing internationally and we now have a Wellness Associate in Australia. Aileen is a mother of three children (12 year old daughter and 8 year old and 7 year old boys), and is an electronics engineer. Find out how doTERRA essential oils helped Aileen's 8 year old son with autism and her whole family below, in Aileen's own words.

"I started using essential oils on February this year for my 8yo son who has autism. He is high functioning and verbal but very hyperactive and stimming a lot and could not sleep easily. I am passionate in researching and trying new things for my family’s welfare especially for my son’s autism. I was googling about what can help with his stimming when I came across Janice’s website. I read lots of blogsand testimonies about autism, ADD/ADHD and how the mothers have used essential oils to help their kids.  

To cut the story short, I joined doTERRA to get the oils at wholesale and I ordered DDR Prime, vetiver, lavender, Balance blend and InTune blend as recommended for my son. The first night that I applied lavender he fell asleep easily and did not have a broken sleep. I was amazed. The oil worked. Then I used DDR Prime, Balance blend and InTune blend in the morning and vetiver, lavender and DDR Prime at night. The first week I have already seen improvement on him. He was calmer and more focused. Then his teacher said it was his best week ever! Wow!  The essential oils are really working. I did not tell her that I am trying something new on him but she guessed because she can smell him and she said his smell is calming her too. I am applying the oils to my son’s feet, spine and back of the neck morning and night.  

 Now, my whole family is getting the benefits of the oils too. I have bought other oils and been using them when my boys got sick with cough, colds, sore throat, or fever (OnGuard protective blend, peppermint, lemon and lavender).  I’ve been using them successfully with my period pain, headaches (peppermint), my son’s eczema (lavender), on my daughter’s acne (frankincense and lavender), for calming and relaxation (lavender, vetiver, Serenity). I’ve been using lemon water daily for detoxing. I’ve bought diffusers too to help in our sleep at night and to freshen and kill airborne pathogen in our home (Citrus Bliss and wild orange).  My daughter was having a hard time also falling sleep and can sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and could not sleep again. The first night I diffused vetiver and lavender in her room, she was in deep sleep when I checked her at 9.30pm. And she slept through the night! 

I love that I have not used over the counter medicines yet since I started using essential oils. I love that it is safe and natural and I don’t need to worry about chemicals and toxins that can go into our body.  I love the aroma too I’ve been using it (wild orange) too as my perfume now. I love how my children love them too. When you ask my youngest what’s his favourite oil, he will say lavender and Serenity blend.  I have also replaced our toothpaste with On Guard toothpaste and the kids’ vitamins with A2Z chewable. They loved it and had to stop them for taking more than the recommended dosage. I will replace their fish oil next and my husband and I will replace our multivitamins with the Lifelong Vitality pack. I will also replace our shampoo and body wash next. I have bought liquid castile soap to start making DIY bubble bath. My youngest son always wanted to have a bubble bath but because he’s got eczema and very sensitive skin he got itches and rashes using the commercial ones. He can’t wait to soak in a bubble made of essential oil and natural soap. 

Oh how I love these essential oils and I’m so glad I’ve discovered doTERRA.

Now my goal is to share the essential oils to others. I have started sharing the oils with my relatives and friends and I’m glad they have responded positively to it so far. It feels good to hear them thanking me for the oils and that it had helped them. It is just so inspiring!"

If you live in Australia, New Zealand or (or really anywhere in the world), Aileen would be happy to answer any questions that you have about essential oils.  

doTERRA in Australia
There are two ways to order products in Australia:
  • Locally (On the Ground [OTG]); and
  • Internationally (Not for Resale [NFR]). 
If the products that you are interested in is available through On the Ground (OTG), I'd recommend placing your order through OTG because you will pay less for shipping, and it'll take less time for you to receive your shipment. Also, you will save money on conversion fees from US to AUS.

NFR orders are only available in New Zealand.

Find out more about the difference here. 

Also, there are some differences in product names in Australia. For example, Serenity is Lavender Peace, Deep Blue is Ice Blue, Breathe is Easy Air, etc. Find out more here (see page 3).

doTERRA On the Ground wholesale and retail prices in Australia  here.
doTERRA Not for Resale wholesale and retail prices in Australia and New Zealand here.

Three ways to order doTERRA essential oils through Aileen
  1. Retail price here.
  2. Preferred member - Save 20% on the retail price for a one-time $10US membership fee here.
  3. Wholesale member / Wellness Advocate - Save 25% on the retail price for a $35US membership fee  here.
Follow Aileen's Wellness with Essential Oils Facebook group here.  
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Feel free to contact Aileen with any questions you have at