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Chronic pain and doTERRA Essential Oils

Some amazing stories of how doTERRA essential oils (and especially the AromaTouch Technique) helped with chronic pain...

Meredith's Miracle

Read  how the eight AromaTouch Technique essential oils (Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, OnGuard, Aroma Touch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange & Peppermint) relieved Meredith's chronic pain. Her full story is here: 
You see, I am only __ years old, but over the last 7 years, I have had 4 knee surgeries, a hip surgery, countless hours of physical therapy and acupuncture, and have been on anti-inflammatory medications and even narcotics. My diagnoses include sciatica, fibromyalgia, recurrence of right trochanteric bursitis, persistent lateral epicondylar knee pain, and iliotibial band syndrome. The cliff’s note version of that is 24/7 PAIN...

She used various oils on my feet, concentrating on my toes, asking at random intervals what my pain level was, which originally was an 8, now a 6.

I sat there, feeling a little awkward that this nice lady was on the floor massaging my feet. But as she continued, oil after oil, my pain began to fade, my pain level now about a 3 or 4.

A few more oils later, I was asked to sit back down in my seat. As I sat there, I began to feel something strange, so strange I left my seat to walk around the hallway, moving my leg in every direction, bending, stretching, kicking and squatting. I began to get emotional because I could feel no pain, absolutely no pain.

This feeling…this feeling of no pain was all very new to me. I was confused, dumbfounded, amazed, but more importantly, thankful.

I sat back down in the room and Julie Ann asked what my pain level was; and with tears in my eyes, I said “ZERO, none, none whatsoever.”
I received a round of applause, which only brought on more tears. It was truly a miracle.
7 years of constant, chronic pain – gone!

Patti's Story
From Patti's Place

About five years ago, I suddenly developed an allergy to most prescription pain meds, in fact, the only one I could take was Darvocet. Since then, Darvocet has ...been taken off the market, thereby leaving me with absolutely no prescription painkillers that I can take. There are a couple of things I can take if I'm in the hospital, but they don't come in pill form. You can understand why the essential oils are such a welcome addition to my life. I've mentioned this before, but before the doTERRA oils, I was taking Lyrica every night to be able to rest, I also took mild muscle relaxers from time to time. I am completely off the Lyrica and able to move better than I have in years (I have Fibromyalgia), I go to sleep, I rest well and I awake feeling better than I did for a long time. They really do work.
I put 2-3 drops of frankincense under my tongue twice a day. I didn't realize how much it helped until I ran out. I also have a sleep blend in a roller bottle that I keep by my bed to put on my feet, wrists, etc.wherever to help me rest at night, but the frankincense is an anti-inflammatory, that's why it helps the fibro.  I had to get off the lyrica, I was noticing problems with my memory.

Debbie's Story
From Everything Essential's website
A friend of mine called me last week desperate for help. Her daughter was getting married in a few days and there was no way she could get to the wedding in the shape she was in.  She had been in bed for weeks with excruciating pain in her leg, and extreme exhaustion... I did the Aroma Touch Therapy on her and prayed  A LOT.  (We added Birch, Cypress and Helichrysum.)  She got out of bed the next day feeling quite encouraged.  We did the therapy 3 times and she was able to go  to the wedding and is now doing well.    
Carolyn's Story
From Healing Your Family's website
After 3 car accidents, I was constantly in a state of feeling run-down, tired, and in chronic pain. Using doTERRA’s Frankincense essential oil totally restored me to a state of feeling well-being–which, after 20 years, I thought was gone forever!
Mindy's Story
From Eva Essential Oils
I have Fibromyalgia and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  I spend a lot of my life dealing with chronic pain.  But I also have a bleeding disorder that keeps me from taking most over the counter pain relievers.  My cousin gave me a sample of Deep Blue to try. This oil helped me feel better than I ever have!

Rachel's Story husband suffers from chronic back pain and has for 8 years. He went through back surgery 8 years ago. Laminectomy/dysectomy (sp). Ever since then he has had to go into the doctor at least every 6 months because his pain is so bad or his back just plain goes out on him.

Since I started using the oils 2 years ago, I have been doing the Aroma touch technique on him with GREAT success. He has not been into the doctor since. When he feels his back giving him issues, we do the technique and within minutes to sometimes hours he is back to his old self. Something to check into. And we take the vitamins (i.e., Life Long Vitality supplements) everyday and that has also helped.

Suzy's story
When I first started using the Life Long Vitality supplements, I had been suffering with chronic pain from a car accident in 1982.  I just learned to live with the pain.  After about a week, I got up one morning, and I thought, "Wow, my back doesn't hurt as bad as usual.  Nice".  After continuing use of the LLV, within two weeks, my pain was so minimal, I was just amazed.  I have now been using the LLV for about 3 years and am still not suffering the effects of acute chronic pain.  I will never again be without my LLV!
Recommendations for chronic pain
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