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Children and essential oils

Here is some great information from doTERRA Wholesale and doTERRA Mother about how to use doTERRA essential oils to help your children through common illnesses / ailments / disorders.

ADD/ADHDIn Tune, Vetiver, Serenity. Read this blog post for more information.   Apply 1-3 drops directly on spine or bottoms of feet.

Allergies, Runny Nose:  Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.  Mix – 1-2 drops of each and put under tongue, in a capsule to swallow, or  rub on the back of neck or throat with a carrier oil. This combination really works. Read also this post here.

Anxiety/fear – Lavender and Serenity are great oils to help calm down children with.  Children often experience anxiety and fear as they continue to learn about the world around them.  To help ease some of these symptoms which could include screaming, crying, shying away, etc. you should apply these oils to bottoms of the child’s feet.  The feet have the largest pores in the body and so the oils will get into the bloodstream the quickest from that point (often within 30 seconds).

Bug Bites, Bee Stings:  1-2 drops of Lavender.  It reduces swelling and stops the pain.  Area may also be soaked in water with  the oil.

Burns:  Mix 4-5 drops of lavender.  You can dilute with Aloe Vera oil if possible, and apply directly on location.

Colds Thyme, Lemon, On Guard, Melaleuca.   Dilute a couple of drops of oil with 1-2 Tbls of a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil and massage a little on neck and chest.  Repeat every 2-4 hours.  Can apply topically on feet at reflex points.  It is wise during the winter months to apply a drop of On Guard and Melaleuca on feet a few times each week as a preventative.

Congestion:  Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Breathe –  Diffuse 4 drops (of one) in a diffuser, or apply on upper spine or lungs.  Oils help congestion when inhaled, so diffusion is great.  DO NOT put oils directly on nose or forehead without a carrier oil.  Applying directly on skin can sting and cause irritation to the eyes.

Constipation:  DigestZen, Fennel,  Rosemary, (ginger and orange work well also).  Apply a couple drops right on  stomach and reflex points on feet.

Cough – to relieve a child of a cough you can rub Eucalyptus (again, diluted if necessary) up a child's spine and around their lungs (on their back).  You can also use Lemon for this.  Rubbing these oils in allows the mucus to break up.  You may notice that your child cough can change from a dry cough to a phlegmy cough very shortly after applying these oils.

Or, Melaleuca and Breathe (adding  a couple drops of  the ‘ On Guard’ blend will also help kill virus’ and bacteria).  Apply a couple of drops of Melaleuka right on chest, wait one minute, then apply a drop or two of  Breathe.  Use a carrier oil for sensitive skin.  Diffuse Breathe or Eucalyptus in the air to clear lungs and congestion. For more serious respiratory issues, diffuse or swallow 1-2 drops of the  Melissa oil and/or lemongrass.

Croup:   Marjoram and Thyme  – Dilute in a carrier oil and massage on neck and chest.

Dry Skin:  Sandalwood.   Dilute a few drops of Sandalwood in 1-2 Tbls of a carrier oil and apply on locations.

Cuts and bruises – Children are constantly scraping their knees and bruising their elbows.  In order to help the healing along Lavender is a great oil to apply.  Lavender is sort of a one oil fits all type of deal and it is recommended that you have a bottle of Lavender at all times.  Lavender will help to disinfect cuts and clear up bruises as well as eliminating that anxiety associated with getting hurt and thus calming the child.

Ear infections – to fight off an ear infection place 1 drop each of Lavender and Melaleuca behind and in front of the infected ear.  Within 12 hours the infection should be clear. Read also this post about ear infections.

Fever:  Dilute 1-2 drops of peppermint and/or lavender and massage on the back of the neck, feet, or behind the ears.

 RashesLavender, Sandalwood and Roman Chamomile – Apply on location with a carrier oil

Respiratory distress – If your child is showing signs of respiratory distress you can use Breathe.  Breathe is an amazing oil to use as it opens up airways.  If you feel the distress is to great to skip a trip to the ER or a call to an ambulance then apply Breathe to your child's chest (diluted) on your way or as you wait, to help calm some of the problems.  When a child is in distress you might only need 1 drop, but it is quite possible that you will need more.  Don’t be afraid to use 3-5 drops, if required. You can also use Peppermint and even put a drop of peppermint in your child's mouth.

Respiratory FluCypress, Lemon – Dilute in an unscented bath gel and use while bathing. Put a couple drops of  Melaleuca,  On Guard  and Breathe  on the feet to  help kill the virus’ and open up airways.

Runny nose –Eucalyptus is a very effective oil for fighting runny noses.  Simply by applying the Eucalyptus under and around the nose you can help to fight one off.  It usually lasts a couple of hours (sometimes more) before needing to be reapplied (if it is a persistent runny nose).  Some children may find that Eucalyptus is difficult to handle, in such cases you should dilute it with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Sleep:  To relax and fall asleep, diffuse Serenity 2-4 drops one hour before bedtime.  Diffuse through the night to stay asleep

Sore ThroatsOn Guard (will numb throat pain instantly) Melalueca and Oregano.  Dilute 1-3 drops with 1 Tbs of a carrier oil and apply to throat, back of neck and reflex points on feet. On Guard will numb the pain.  You may also swallow or gargle a few drops in a capsule. (When using Oregano topically, ALWAYS apply  with a carrier oil.  It can be very irritating to the skin cause a burning feeling.) 

Sunburns:   put a drop of two of peppermint in a spray bottle and spray over sunburnt  area to cool the skin.  Then apply lavender and Aloe Vera over area.

ThrushMelaleuca – dilute and apply on location.  Lavender and lemon also helps

Preventative Oils:  ”An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!  Stop the germs before they turn into diseases! ”

On Guard, Melaleuca and/or  Frankincense - Apply a drop or two each night on children’s feet, especially during cold and flu season.

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