Monday, December 24, 2012

Graves disease and doTERRA essential oils

A moving story about Sherrie, a woman with Graves disease and the about the impact of doTERRA essential oils on her health... Read the full story at I am doTERRA.
She brought me over some frankincense and lemongrass and told me to rub in on my neck over my thyroid.  At first, I though, it’s too late for me.  My thyroid is already dead.  But, I decided what do I have to lose? I started using it.  During that summer, blood tests showed that my thyroid had zero to very little function.  While, still using the frankincense, believing that if nothing else, it was helping with my symptoms of fatigue and depression from having no thyroid function, in August, I also started taking the doTERRA supplements.  Because of the mental fog I was in, I thought the EOMega would help, and the AlphaCRS could help with my autoimmune disease.  That fall, one year after my initial diagnosis, I surprised my doctor when my most recent blood tests results showed an increase in my thyroid function.  The test does not measure the amount of synthetic hormone, only natural hormone. 
The only logical explanation was that between using the supplements, and the oils, my thyroid was slowly regaining function.  Not a lot, but enough to make me feel normal again.  I also added the use of Clary Sage to my regimen, because since thyroid diseases are hormonal, I felt I needed as much help as I could get to balance out those hormones.  My doctor told me in no uncertain terms that because of the hormonal instability and the radiation in my body, I would no longer be able to get pregnant. 
Once again, a miracle happened, when a little over  a year after my radiation treatment, and almost a year of using the frankincense, Clary sage, and supplements, I discovered I was pregnant.   I am now 9 months along, awaiting my sweet baby’s arrival any day, after a very healthy and happy pregnancy.
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  1. I am interested to know about your pregnacy and devilvery while using clary sage. Did you have any problems, as I have been told not to use clatys sage while pregnant. Thank you!

  2. Hi Pepper:

    Thanks for your question. The above story written by Sherry Shepherd. I'm not sure if Sherry continued clary sage while she was pregnant, but you can contact her here with your question:

    I would be cautious about using clary sage while pregnant. More thoughts about essential oils and pregnancy here:

  3. Ylang ylang with clary sage can be used during delivery to help with uterine contractions.