Friday, December 28, 2012

Lyme disease and doTERRA essential oils

I've recently come across some effective doTERRA essential oil protocols for individuals with Lyme disease. Since Lyme disease is very difficult to treat, I wanted to share this information.

Recommended essential oils and blends: Frankincense, Lemongrass, On Guard, Oregano
Essential oils based products: GX Assist, Life Long Vitality supplements, PB Assist

Revised protocol (shared by Amelia here)

Drink 80% of body weight in water (e.g., 100 lbs=80 oz water) some plain water not all w/citrus oils. Not all w/citrus oils some plain too. Hot water is good too& even teas.

Do following this protocol for 45 days.

4 drops Cassia
4 drops Oregano
4 drops Clove bud
4 drops Digestzen

Lunch (2 weeks on 2 weeks off for this only)
2 drops Melissa under the tongue

Capsule with dinner:
4 drops Cassia
4 drops Oregano
4 drops Clove bud
4 drops Digestzen

On guard and frankincense on feet

Also take the Life Long Vitality supplements & Double XEOmega daily.
PB assist daily.
Terrazyme w/every meal.
Eat as clean as possible NO sugar, NO gluten, little to NO dairy...

Other recommendations
  • Read Everything Essential's protocol for Lyme disease here.
  • Read Steve's protocol for Lyme disease here. Within 18 months, Steve has eliminated all of his Lyme disease symptoms. Steve also talks about what helped him to minimize healing reactions related to die-off.
  • Read this individual's protocol for Lyme disease and also here and their journey of healing over a period of nine months. After nine months, "I still feel FANTASTIC!!!  Not perfect, but I have energy and my pain is at a tolerable and functional level.  I am being very faithful to take my oils and I am inhaling many oils as well."
  • Great info at the Essential Wellness ~ Lyme FB group here.
  • Some great information at doTERRA vs. Lyme Disease's Facebook page here. 
  • 2 hour presentation by Dr. Hill on Lyme disease here. You can see the powerpoint slides here.
  • Read Sally's post for recommendations for lyme disease here. 
  • One of the November Brilliant Solutions Group webinars features Dr. Sue Lawton talking all about Lyme (see November 4, 2013 webinar) here. 
Other stories
I was on a lyme disease protocol that was natural but not doTERRA based. The practioner I went to knew about natural remedies and is just starting to learn about doTERRA. I wanted to be treated and relieved. He prescribed a protocol and that I should be lyme free in 3-4 months. I added DDR Prime and some other oils to the protocol but really focused on DDR Prime. I went back 6 weeks later and the lyme is totally gone! -Sally
A year ago one of my dearest friends was losing her 12-year battle with Lyme disease as she was having clusters of grand mal seizures almost every day for hours at a time. Her Lyme-literate doctor who had helped her so much over the years had nothing to offer for the seizures. Since I am deeply in recovering my own son from "the incurable" (very severe autism) I believed that there had to be something that would help my friend. I was praying hard for healing and answers for my friend and I couldn't just watch her suffer and not help. The idea came to my head: "Give her some of your son's frankincense." I was new to the oils and hadn't had much education or experiences with them yet. I brought it to her and she used two drops under her tongue several times a day. It took about a month for her to be sure but she hasn't had a seizure now in over a year and she is behaving like a healthy person now! Her neuropathy and pain are going away and her energy is back.  - Mindy

I'm on the doTERRA lyme protocol!! I was diagnosed in Jan of this year, did antibiotics for 5 months and had terrible side effects. A month after stopping I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and borderline lupus. I started the doTERRA oil protocol and am making great progress with energy and neuro symptoms. I follow the protocol that rotates between the antibiotic protocol, two weeks rest, GX Assist, two weeks rest, OnGuard +, two weeks rest. All the while taking the Lifelong Vitality supplements, PB Assist, DDR prime, frankincense. - Jenny


  1. My daughter has Lyme and is seeing an excellent Naturopathic doctor who is working on bing a Lyme Literate Doctor. The problem with so many remedies is the chemical sensitivity. My daugther has so many sensitivities which is common with Lyme patients. She tried Young Living Essential Oils and they cause her to have mild seizures.

  2. Young Living oils do not have the purity nor potency of Doterra oils. I have seen many people have reactions to oils though. Typically this means they have a lot of toxins in their body, which makes sense with Lyme disease. Doterra makes an oil blend and capsule of food products that are incredible detoxers: Zendocrine. If she starts on the zendocrine capsules (that is food based products so not as potent as the oils, so easier on her body) it will clear toxins so she can take the oils that can help her.

  3. I am interested to learn about who Sally quoted above went to that helped her eliminate her Lyme disease. Is there a way I can get in touch with her or have someone giver her my contact info and ask her if she would please let me know which doctor helped her? Thank you- Kristen

    1. Hi Kristen: You can contact Sally through her website, which is: