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Urinary tract infections and essential oils

Sustainable Baby Steps has a very informative article about healing urinary tract infections and bladder infections. She covers how to prevent bladder infections, what to do at the first hint of an infection and what to do when the infection is underway, including which essential oils and supplements that she recommends. You can read the article here.

With respect to essential oils, she recommends:
  • Adding a drop of lemon essential oil to your water, as it is a purifier for the body;
  • Massaging the diluted OnGuard blend over the entire abdomen and low/mid-back area;
  • Massaging the Purify oil blend over the area or use a warm compress to relieve discomfort.
Read a story about a UTI that cleared up in one night on Gypsy Oil's website here.
Diane saved the day. She told me to NOT go to Urgent Care & that she’d be right over with something that would kill it overnight. I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but I heard FREE & OVERNIGHT & thought – “How can I lose?” When she came over she brought 3 capsules in a little baggie & each was filled with:
  • 3 drops oregano
  • 3 drops Purify
I took one capsule immediately. I took another right before going to bed. In the morning I felt great – no pain at all!
I scheduled an appointment with the doctor that day just to make sure I was okay. I was AMAZED when the doctor told me my urine was as clear as could be & the infection was GONE!!
Brittany's story from Green Smoothie Girl's website
I had a Urinary Tract Infection starting and it was Friday night! I really didn’t want to pay the bill for insta-care and so I went to my Modern Essentials Book. I did as it said, “put several drops of Purify on the lower abdomen.” I went to bed that night smelling very clean! The next morning I was almost completely out of pain and with just a few more applications the pain was totally gone and hasn’t come back. I was amazed.
 From Access the Experts
My father had been experiencing a low grade tract infection for over 3 years. It would flair up about every other month and cause burning and bleeding upon urination. He would have back pains along with it and his energy would be totally gone. We tried everything from Doctors to natural remedies and nothing seemed to stop the problem completely.
The night before he was supposed to leave on a cruise I mixed up a Fractionated Oil concoction with Melaleuca (5 drops), Frankincense (5 drops), Oregano (3 drops) and rubbed it in across his mid to lower back. By morning the infection was completely gone. He had a wonderful cruise and hasn’t had the problem since.

 A friend of mine's story (read more here)
A friend of mine  has struggled with candida and recurring urinary tract infections for the last year.

Four weeks ago, she started using doTERRA essential oils, and combined with a candida cleanse, she feels that this combination is really helping her.

Her essential oil protocol (we muscle tested to find out the best oils and dosage for her needs):
  • 3 drops of On Guard
  • 4 drops of Oregano
  • 3 drops of melaleuca
The above oils were combined in a capsule and she took it 3 times a day.
Now that she's been taking it for 4 weeks, she's going to drop it down to 3 drops of each oil / oil blend and take it twice a day.
 A story about a 3 year old's UTI from Jennifer Accomando
I had started with an oil regimen on Tuesday morning anyway, because I knew she had a uti! So I opted NOT to start the antibiotics (at least until I received the results of the culture)... Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call that the urine specimen had become contaminated in transit to the lab and needed to be redone. So I took her back to the office and obtained a new urine sample. I asked the nurse practitioner if she would mind dipping her urine again before sending it to the lab just for good measure as I had not been giving her the antibiotic. She agreed…and the urine was CLEAN!!! No blood, no leukocytes, no nitrates! She was amazed! And I was affirmed with an answered prayer!!!
Just wanted to let you know which oils I am using! 1 drop of cassia, on guard, oregano, and frankincense mixed with fco and applied to low abdomen and kidneys.Also, same concoction on bottoms of both feet on reflex points. Diffusing lemongrass, cassia, and on guard! (Read the whole story here).
 Alison's story on Everything Essential's FB group:
I did 3 melalueca, 3 oregano and 5 lemon in a capsule at first sign and felt better in an hour did one more just to be sure and it was gone.  Drinking lots of water with lemon essential oil in it of course. 
Also refer to Everything Essential's website for more information about suggested essential oil protocols for urinary track infections here.
  • For adults, they suggest a capsule with 2 drops Frankincense, 6 drops On Guard, 6 drops Oregano. 
  • Take one capsule, 3 times per day. Continue for 2-3 days after the infection stops.

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