Monday, January 28, 2013

Seizures and essential oils

Inspiring stories about seizures and essential oils...

Latarran's story (read her entire story here)

I have a seizure disorder... I started rubbing frankincense on my feet and the back of my neck. I noticed a difference in how i was feeling right away. About a month ago we went to Wyoming for my grandpa's birthday, I forgot my oils at home and by day 2 of no oils and I had a seizure. Last week there had been some really stressful things going on and i had forgotten to use my oils and about day 2 or 3 of no oils I started feeling really weird. Wednesday morning it got worse and by 730 that evening I had a seizure again. I started doing my oils again 2 times a day and I started feeling normal again, my energy level went back to normal, I just felt great all around again. I never really realized how much the oils affected my energy level and my mood and my brain function until i stopped using them.

Lacey's story

Her parents found that when they started applying frankincense oil to the bottoms of two year old, Lacey's feet, her seizures almost immediately decreased from 8 to 12 a day to 2 to 3 a week. Today, Lacey is a happy and healthy girl.

Lisa's story

In the moving and inspiring video below, Lisa shares her powerful story of how doTERRA oils helped her one year old daughter, Farrah, who suffered from breath holding spells, seizures, digestive problems, sleep problems and crying fits.

With the help of lavender, frankincense, DigestZen oil blends, Breathe oil blend and diffusing Serenity oil blend at night, her daughter is now happy and well. No more breath holding spells. No more seizures. No more laxatives. Sleeping better. So amazing and inspiring!

Josh's story (read the entire story here)

My oldest son, Josh, is 12 years old and has autism, seizures, and ADHD. We have been through a lot with him, and it has been devastating to watch him suffer through health conditions that I have been powerless to heal or even alleviate. 5 years ago he had a massive, 45-minute long seizure that caused brain damage, and he has been especially impulsive and angry ever since...

...I’ve been home for two weeks, and I’ve been using the oils on him twice a day regularly, except for a day or so when I forgot and noticed that I’d forgotten when he was super cranky and ornery after school one day. I’m using InTune, Frankincense, and Vetiver on his spine twice a day, and Lavender and Balance on his feet twice a day. I’ve also been giving him half the adult dose of the Lifelong Vitality Pack. This way he’s getting the oils internally AND externally.

I FEEL LIKE I HAVE GOTTEN MY SON BACK!!! My REAL son. The young man he is meant to be!!!

Josh is no longer cranky and angry all day long. He is able to focus on the task at hand, and even read and talked about a book with me the other day (something he hasn’t been able to do in over 5 years because after the huge seizure his reading comprehension dropped to almost nil). He has even started asking for me to put the oils on him, and he has told me several times that they help him feel better.

5 weeks ago, when he started into a seizure, I immediately started slathering him with the essential oils. He came out of the seizure immediately. Jon and I put him to bed, and he instantly went to sleep. 45 minutes later, he came downstairs again. Jon and I were shocked to see him so soon, and even more so when we saw that he did NOT have a headache, was NOT cranky, and was actually quite pleasant, especially considering that he was still pretty groggy from the seizure itself. The most amazing thing, though, is that he did NOT have another seizure for over 3 weeks afterwards!!!!


Read Apryl's story on how she successfully got off her high dose seizure medication using the following essential oils and blends:
  • Serenity
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • In Tune roll on
  • Clary Sage
  • Clary Calm roll on
  • Balance
  • Lemon
  • Lifelong Vitality supplements.
Her full story is here. As of April 15, 2014, Apryl had been seizure-free for 6 months!

Jade's Story

Read Jade's powerful story about how frankincense, Serenity oil blend and Balance oil blend helped a 2 year old boy whose left side of his brain wasn't developing, and who was having regular seizures here.

Judy's Story
Frankincense controls my son's seizures. His seizures were never controlled no matter what medication he was on, or how high the dose was. Even on his current dose, he was having about 5 small seizures a day, and about 3 grand mals in 2 months. I have used frankincense on him for almost a year, and in that time he has had maybe 20 seizures. At his next neuro apt, we are discussing weaning him off of some of his meds. I love frankincense!!
Carly's story
My sister has been on medication for her grand mal seizures and she would still have seizures every other month or so. Now that she is taking 2 drops of frankincense under her tongue morning and night. She hasn't had a seizure in over 2 years and she also lowered her dosage of medicine.
Judy's story
My son, who is 27 has had uncontrolled seizures his entire life. No matter what meds he has been on, he has had seizures. He has tried ALL seizure medications, and at one time, we were waiting for more to be developed last September, after watching the Lacey youtube video, I started him on Frankincense. NO seizures! I played with the dose, and switched to Clary Sage for a short while, but control wasn't as good. Since last year, he has had maybe 20 seizures, and no grand mals. Before Frankincense, he was having about 5 seizures a day, and about 3 grand mals every 2 months. I LOVE frankincense!!
More stories
Something AMAZING just happened! My son went into a seizure and instead of grabbing his rescue medication, I grabbed his Clary Sage and Frankincense essential oils. I first rubbed frankincense and then Clary Sage onto the back of his neck and in 60 seconds he was coming out of his seizure!!! I honestly never believed it would happen. I love the oils, but thought there were limits to what they can do. I just planned to rub them on and go get the medication, because his seizures never stop on their own. But even better than stopping, he was immediately himself again!!! No thirty minutes of garbled language or sleepiness, COMPLETELY back to normal within 60 seconds!!! 
My friend's little girl who has several a day started using frankincense on her and it has really lessened the amount that she has!- Sarah
Since Frankincense crosses the blood brain barrier in 4 seconds it is the #1 oil that I personally used to pull a girlfriend out of a grand maul seizure.  It also worked for my niece's 3 year old.  - Julie Ann
My four year old is having similar issues (i.e., seizures).  I recently got to speak with Dr. Hill.  He recommended frankincense as well as any calming oils.  He explained that seizure activity is hyperactivity in the brain and any of the calming oils should be helpful.  His favorite calming blend is equal parts frankincense, roman chamomile and bergamot.  When I first started using the oils my boy did not like the smell of frankincense.  We mixed it with lemon because he loved lemon.  We discovered the we all LOVE frankincense combined with any of the citrus oils.- Ceri Ann
I'm an adult with epileptic partial seizures and mine started as a teen. Frankincense helps me. I have been able to cut one Depatoke ER so now I just just 750 mg instead of 1000 mg  or more. I use to do frankincense on its own in capsules twice daily but now I take LLV twice daily (which has the frankincense in it). I now carry frankincense with me so if I have an aura I can make a frankincense capsule. - Carie
My daughter has epilepsy. She was on meds. I started using frankincense on the ball of her neck and bottoms of feet twice a day. After 6 months of this we weaned her off her seizure meds. She has been great! We continue to use frankincense twice a day on the ball of her neck. - Jkmr
My son does great on DDR Prime. - J.D.
"I use Frankincense daily on my son who has seizures due to Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Twice now I have applied it to him during a seizure and it stopped it in approximately10 seconds! And prevented him from going into the second phase of his seizures. I told his neurologist and she is ALL FOR IT! She said use the frank first and if needed then the diastat. Just happy I can use a natural resource before going to something so harsh!" - Alicia


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Special Precautions:
  • For those with epilepsy it is advised to avoid the use of Basil, Rosemary, and Wintergreen oils.  
  • Also avoid: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Sweet Fennel, Sage, Clove and Cinnamon. Note: Deep Blue has Camphor and Wintergreen; and Breathe and On Guard blend both contain Eucalyptus.


  1. So I am guessing that in addition to avoiding Deep Blue and OnGuard that Breathe should also be mentioned?

    1. Yes, thanks for pointing that out. I'll add Breathe to the list to avoid given that it contains Eucalyptus.

  2. You should never use wintergreen...cinnamon directly or certain camphors.or it can be fatal.

    1. Thanks, Nic. I've added cinnamon to the list of contraindicated oils.

  3. What about eating foods with these ingredients? Like cinnamon, cloves, wintergreen mints, pesto sauce with basil? I am middle aged been seizure free about 23 years on medication. First grand-mal at 14. These bad oils are some of my favorite foods!

    1. If you are eating foods with these ingredients with no problems, I wouldn't worry about them. :-)

  4. My son (7 years old) has absence seizures. I started using frankincense, Lavender and in turn on him 2 weeks ago. He was getting better in the first week. But he seems getting worse in the 2nd week, even more starring and eye rolling-up than before we applied oils on him. I wonder if it is normal? Or I should stop using the oils on him. Please share your experience.

    1. Sorry, I didn't see your comment earlier. I personally don't have any experience with using essential oils for seizures. I would stop and give it a break and in a week's time try just frankincense, and then after a week, add lavender, and then after a week, add InTune.

      I would also post your question on an essential oil FB group. Try this one:

      Good luck!