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Stories of children with ADHD and doTERRA essential oils

I have a passion for helping sensitive children, including children with ADHD and on the autistic spectrum. I am thrilled about finding out about doTERRA essential oils, especially given that I was introduced to them by a mother, Jaime, who I trust whose child is also highly sensitive and has been helped by these oils.

Jaime's story

I homeschool my 5 1/2 year old daughter. When in school she had no focus at all and wouldn't sit down to listen to stories. I took her out a couple months ago and at first it was a big struggle for me to get her to pay attention or even answer my questions at time. I have been using these oils on my clients for over 4 yrs now and then on myself and family for sleep, energy, gut issues etc. I had never looked at them for focus/ADHD issues, I started looking into it and ordered In Tune and I already had the rest of them. I still remember the first day I put the InTune up her spine on her neck and the triangles behind the ears and then massaged her and let her smell it, we also did in the diffuser balance while we were doing our work that day. She was more focused and was actually interested in what I was showing her and wanted to do her writing by herself (usually I would hold her hand and help her trace). I thought it maybe was a coincidence but then we did it the next day and the next and got more done than we had the last previous weeks. At night I started doing frankincense and vetiver on her feet as well as lavender. Now we also do lemon, peppermint for her to inhale or I diffuse if she is feeling lethargic or tired. I had great results with lavender for her before she would go to her social group. She would usually be hyper and wouldn't participate, running around doing her own thing. She was paying better attention, more calm and actually playing with the other kids the first time we did it, I rubbed it on her neck and feet before we left the house.  Read more of Jaime's story here.

She particularly recommends the following five oils for children with ADHD and also children on the autistic spectrum:
  • Balance oil blend;
  • lavender;
  • frankincense;
  • vetiver; and
  • In Tune.
You can read more details about her advice here, here and here.

I wanted to share other stories of children with ADHD who have been helped by doTERRA essential oils.

Emily's story

Emily shared this with me. After only five days after receiving her doTERRA essential oils, this is what she had to say:

I think the oils are working! I have been putting the oils... Balance, Serenity, Vetiver, Lavender & Frankincense on both boys feet at night. And, in the morning, I put the In Tune on the spine, Balance, Vetiver and Frankincense on the base of the skull -- I put a little Lavender on top because the boys love the smell of the lavender. I am just playing with the oils and seeing what happens. I also bought a diffuser and use Lavender and Balance in it. I turn it on in the evenings before they start to wind down for the evening. Also, I put the same stuff on my husband. He travels alot and never sleeps good the night before he leaves for his  flight. Well, last night, he had a good sleep. He woke up feeling good!!
From my observation, my youngest son (8 yrs) seems to be calmer and less impulsive with the oils. Also, able to focus better on his schoolwork. He is still a chatterbox, but we were able to get thru with our school with a very cooperative attitude. A lot of times, he would lose focus and patience with his schoolwork. It really seemed to be working.
My 12 yr old said he was able to concentrate better at school. I also put a drop of Vetiver between his thumb and index finger him to smell when he needed to concentrate more.
These are the oils that they are using:
  • At night: Balance, Serenity, Vetiver, Lavender & Frankincense on both boys feet.
  • In the morning: In Tune on the spine, and Balance, Vetiver and Frankincense on the base of the skull with a little Lavender on top.
  • Diffusing Lavender and Balance in the evening.
  • 12 year old: Put a drop of Vetiver between his thumb and index finger for him to smell when he needs to concentrate more.
Latarran's story

From Latarran's blog:

Latarran's friend has has a daughter that is ADHD and she is on medication to help her sleep. Even on the meds she was up til all hours of the night. 

"...After one day she started cutting her daughter's med is half and using the oils. After using the oils for 1 week she has weaned her daughter off her medication."

These are the oils that they were using:
  • Vetiver- small amount onto feet and back of neck at the base of skull
  • Lavender- 3 drops on feet rubbed in and 3 on back of neck at the base of skull
    With remaining oils on hands brush pillow and blankets that are by face if you need more oil do 1-2 drops of lavender in hands then rub together and brush pillow and blankets.
You can read the entire story here.

Amanda's story

From Enchanting Havoc

Amanda's 9 year old son was diagnosed with Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder, a Written communication disability, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and according to CDRC he is “almost” on the autism spectrum…… according to the school district he is on the Autism spectrum. 

"Meldowns happen – in fact yesterday, my son had an absolute meltdown over math.  He wasn’t grasping the concept which upset him and that ended up in a meltdown.  I put Balance and Serenity on and around his neck, and off he went to have his meltdown.  About 7 minutes later he came down with a much better attitude, and said okay I’m better and ready to listen." You can read the entire story here.

She has had tremendous results with using doTERRA essential oils on her son. They have been using:
  • Balance;
  • Serenity; and
  • Vetiver.
Amber's story

From Jennifer Accomando's blog
My best friend’s son (6) suffers from ADHD. He is on medication. He is an adorable, loving, great kid…with a ton of energy & has a very difficult time focusing. He has always had a difficult time falling asleep & sleeping well. I gave his Momma a sample of Lavender & Vetiver & FCO (fractionated coconut oil) to apply to the bottom of his big toes at bedtime, in hopes of him getting some wonderful sleep to allow his body & brain some MUCH NEEDED REST. It worked immediately!! It has been just over 2 weeks of use & he is having amazing results. In the beginning, she would apply it a few times before he zonked out, but now, one “swipe” & he’s good. (He likes to puff his covers after he gets tucked in so he can waft the smell…LOL!) He has had awesome behavioral improvements at school…only one color change in 2 weeks! (The equivalent of having your name on the board). His teacher is so proud of him (we all are)! He told me he loves his “new night-night medicine”! 
They are using:
  • lavender; and
  • vetiver. 
Wendy and Rob's Story

From doTERRA Remedy's blog:
The school was suggesting that he be dropped another grade level and that he be tested. There initial suggestion was that he would be a great candidate for Ritalin. The thought scared us however because of the documented side effects that would make a parent question whether it's positive effects are worth it.

When we first got Vetiver we began applying it to our boy in the morning after a shower. We would put 1 or 2 drops of Vetiver, and 2-4 drops of Balance on his back and rub the oils in along his spine. We would also a couple drops on a clay necklace around his neck or on the front side of his hand between his index finger and thumb. This way if he ever felt himself loosing concentration or feeling scatter brained, he could discreetly put his hand to his nose and inhale.

It wasn't more than a couple weeks after we started this treatment, that the principle at his school stopped us one day while we were picking him up and said;

"I don't know what you're doing, but keep it up, because it is working wonders."
 They are using:
  • vetiver; and
  • balance.
Read the entire story here.

Aimee`s Story about InTune

From Samuel`s mom`s blog:
I am eating my words about InTune. I felt like something else would work better than InTune for my son's severe ADHD because I was bothered by the patchouli scent that it left on him. I opted to just quit putting it on him. Little by little, his behavior got worse and worse until I was starting to think we'd have to do something drastic like change his meds again. I prayed about what to do and decided to read some more about the various oils to try. It became evident very quickly that InTune would be the best course of action. This morning, it was clearly going to be another melt-down, grumpy kind of day with him. I stopped myself in my tracks before saying a word, applied InTune to his lower spine and the bottoms of his feet (no strong odor there!!!), and waited. Literally within minutes I had my sweet little boy back. I've never seen a turnaround like that before. If your child has ADHD as severe as mine, I STRONGLY recommend the InTune. It was an answer to my prayers this morning.

From Everyday in Every Way's blog

Talking about the benefits of vetiver: 
My daughter has ADHD and FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder). She is easily overstimulated which leads to melt downs and rages. I have brought her down from a rage and out of a melt down in only a few minutes by rubbing it (Vetiver) on her and having her breathe it in. One of our miracles in a bottle. :)
Read many more stories of the benefits of using vetiver for ADHD, ADD, focus, stress and anxiety here. 

Lindsay's story
Our son was diagnosed with ADHD at 4.5 years old. He is impulsive and hyperactive. He went on Strattera (one of many regrets I have regarding him and medicine) and it took several months before he was able to stay awake all day. I thought it was great after the first few months, he had a great year in Kindergarten, then first grade came and he kept getting in trouble (he was bored and a boy, LOL), he also got very sick. He ended up being diagnosed with a digestive disorder at 7 years old. That was in May of this past year, between his diet changes (GF, DF, very low sugar/fructose) and using essential oils (DigestZen for his stomach, Balance and InTune for ADHD symptoms, and increased vitamin D), he has come off the Strattera as well as Zofran, and Miralax). It's like having a whole new kid! I think the diet was a huge part of it though! There's a great article on aromatic science about the ADHD, autism and essential oils that really helped me out in understanding what was going on in his body!
Jennifer's story

Find out how Jennifer reversed her son's ADHD and Asperger's symptoms using nutrition, supplements, biofeedback and essential oils here.

She are using the following essential oils:
  • Family Physician Kit;
  • cilantro essential oil -- it is a heavy metal detoxifer; and
  • In-Tune oil blend - for calming and focusing -- they put it on the backs of his knees. 
Other stories
I am seeing great results with my ADHD daughter using DDR Prime. She is finally after many, many years doing well in school.- Shanna
I have a son with ADD and he is taking the Lifelong Vitality supplements as well as DDR prime capsules. I use Balance, Serenity, Vetiver and frankincense to keep him grounded, calm & balanced.  These are all balancing him out, but has occasional out burst but not anything like he used to. Focus and work is much better.- Diane
I started my 11 year old son on InTune just before the new school year. He puts it on the back of his neck just before he goes to school and his teacher has notice a huge difference in his attention and focus. I also put lavender or serenity on his feet at night before bed, this calms him for sleep.  - Cheri
Gut health is something to consider. I did a GX Assist cleanse with my son for only five day. Then followed with PB Assist (probiotics). I am planning one for every month. It is helping. My son uses ylang ylang in his water at night, in tune on feet in morning, balance right after school. It has helped is overall peace. - Jennifer
ADHD/ADD story. My nieces half brother's teacher was telling the dad and grandparents to please get her brother on something because he was so disruptive every day. My niece told him about the InTune, he asks about side effects because they don't want him to have more issues. Well, bottom line, he started the InTune, and here is the cool part, He could get up to 20 points per day at school for behavior and schoolwork. His first week using it, he got 85 points, IN FOUR DAYS! - Tammy.
I have 7 yr old twins both diagnosed with ADHD. Tried traditional meds made things much worse. Ritalin made mine angry and edgy! Took off all meds and use In Tune and
Clary Calm. They both had great response!..
Had meeting with the teacher and vice principal and found that no one could tell when we took him off meds. THAT is how well oils work :)) I did change their diet a lot as well, but now they are med free. - Debbie
“I’ve been diagnosed with ADD and it wasn’t surprising. I have a very hard time concentrating on things and if I am in one place for too long I get extremely restless. After I was diagnosed my doctor wanted me to go on a prescription medication but I didn’t want to. My friend uses doTERRA oils for her family so I asked her what she recommended. She had me come over so I could smell the oils that she had and the one I was drawn to was the InTune blend. This oil just smelled wonderful and it elevated my mood immediately. I ordered a bottle and have been using it and I feel relief from the ADD every time I have it on me. So I’m going to just keep it on me at all times!” - S.T, Jana Tzinberg's website
Other ideas on how to use doTERRA oils for ADHD:
  • Read doTERRA Life's recommendations here.
  • Read ADHD in Action with SoulSpark Coaching's recommendations here.
  • Everything about Essential Oil's recommendations here.
Coming soon -- a post on children on the autistic spectrum and doTERRA essential oils.


  1. I have a friend who's 10 year old got a itchy rash on the back of the neck where she applied the Intune. She had been using it here and there for months, then somewhat stopped and decided to use it during the Christmas holidays. He had not had any issues with it prior but in this instance she trialed it for 3 days (once in the morning) and had the same reaction each time. She washed the area with soap and water and she states the rash diminished. Do you think he just had a sensitivity to it possibly due to the overload of medications he had been on from a serious fall illness? I was thinking she should just dilute it and do a cleanse on him.

    1. Hi Danica:

      I would either dilute it, or would put it on the bottoms of his feet instead of the back of his neck. I agree that a gentle cleanse would probably be a good idea.

  2. i am reading about you all using similar oils, besides the Intune, do you put them all in individually? or do you make roller bottles of them combined? My son is 4, I have diluted the Intune with FCO, and some of you advised dilution of Vetiver, any others?

    1. It's best if the oils are layered rather than combined.

      If you put the oils on the bottoms of his feet, no dilution is needed.

      There are different schools of thought about dilution - some dilute all of the oils for children (dilutions ranging from 1:1 ratio to 1 drop in 1 teaspoon), and some use them neat (no dilution) if no dilution is needed. For example, vetiver, Balance, lavender, frankincense are safe to use without dilution, but InTune is recommended to dilute for children.

  3. What will be the recommendation for 7 year old ADHD boy

    1. My top five oils would be: Balance oil blend; lavender; frankincense; vetiver; and In Tune. I would read the descriptions of each and see which ones resonate for you.

  4. How long does a bottle of InTune typically last? I am exploring this as an option for my 8 year old that has severe adhd as well as anxiety disorder. He is now on a stimulant after multiple failed attempts at finding the right medication.

  5. A friend gave me some InTune to try on my 8 year old for adhd. How do I dilute it? And how long does a bottle last?

    1. Hi Southern Mama:

      InTune comes in a roller bottle, and many parents just use it undiluted on their children. If you do want to dilute it, you can can fractionated coconut oil (or another carrier oil) and apply some on the location (e.g., the bottoms of your son's feet or along his spine, and then roll the InTune on location).

      Or, you could purchase an empty roll-on bottle from Aromatools and dilute it to the dilution level that you feel comfortable with.

      Many of the 15 mL bottles of essential oils that I use on my son on a daily basis last for 3 months (i.e., 1 drop twice a day).

      The 10 mL roll-on bottles contain 167 drops, so should last for a couple of months.

      If you dilute it, it would obviously last a lot longer. How long it lasts would depend on how often you use it as well.