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Brain development and trauma

Tamalu shares an amazing story at Essential Energy Applied. I encourage you to click on this link and read the whole story. This story brings tears to my eyes. How amazing and beautiful.

It's a story of a boy whose left side of his brain was not developed, and as he grew, the back of the left side of his head began to sink in. He began to have seizures at 9 months old. Tamalu began working with Jade when he was two years old.
We watched the back of  Jade's head round back out within the first two weeks (Balance applied daily to the brainstem and misaligned areas). I applied Frankincense to his head and feet, Balance to head, feet and spine, Serenity to his heart and around his neck. He soon got to the point of choosing his own additional oils of the day out of my bag. As the majority of the tension was released from his body, we watched him learn to crawl and stand without support. Our sessions began to include massage, especially his thighs, because of his increased activity. The end of September, physical and occupational therapists were called in to work with Jade, and he was learning about one new word a week. By November, at two and a half years old, he was walking. We rejoiced at his progress, laughing and crying at each new antic. His doctors were baffled. He had not seized in months. He began running. In January, before we could start one of our sessions, he had to sing the Barney "I Love You" song and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (with all the actions). His other therapists said the work with the oils made all of their progress with him possible.
Weyland at Diary of a doTERRA Skeptic shares another amazing story of DR, a 17 year old boy with brain trauma here.
It was two days later (after I was rested) before I realized that something was different about DR. He had been content to listen without inserting into the conversation. He had been pleasant and self-sufficient, not requiring any help or assistance in any way. Wow! I spent considerable time analyzing what had changed. The only change in DR's nutrition or meds had been the Frankincense, so right away, we suggested DR increase to twice a day with the Frankincense. He has continued to improve ever since; we added the Lifelong Vitality nutrition supplements to his daily regimen, then more recently DDR Prime when it was released.

Today, DR is a completely different person. Not only has his ability to communicate continued to improve, but his stamina has increased, and his brainstorming abilities, logic and reasoning are enormously improved.
Cathleen's story
Read Cathleen's entire story at Access the Experts
In 2009 I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. When I was released from the hospital I had some major issues with memory and focus. My memory had been mostly wiped clean. I knew my immediate family, my husband, my daughters, grandkids, parents and siblings, but I had to relearn who everyone else was. I also had severe issues with my short-term memory. Another issue I had was it was really hard for me to stay focused on any given task and my concentration skills were really lacking...
The one thing that I still struggled with was my short-term memory and my focus and concentration. I relied heavily on the systems I had put into place to help me manipulate my day, to help me “survive” in a world that, at times, was so overwhelming and confusing! There were days that it was just too much and I just really wanted to throw in the towel, but I just kept plugging away…
When I was introduced to essential oils 3 months ago, I immediately went to my Modern Essential Book (the Essential Oils Bible) and looked up Brain Injury. I read that doTERRA Frankincense was an oil that was good for healing of the brain. It said there were different ways to use the oil but one way that sounded interesting to me was to put it on the reflex point to the brain, which is on the bottom of the big toe.
So every morning I started to put the oil on the bottom of each of my big toes. Within a couple of weeks I started to remember names of people that had just been introduced to me. I started to remember things that my husband asked me to do, without having to look at my lists. I started to remember things that were on my schedule, without looking at my calendar. It was AMAZING!...
After starting the doTERRA Frankincense it was like my multitasking skills came back and all of a sudden I started noticing everything around me. I can remember sitting in a Physical Therapist’s office and looking out the window and noticing the trees and looking at the cars and thinking about everything that was going on around me and then I realized I wasn’t just worried about getting back home. It was then that I realized these oils were healing my brain! I was sooooo excited I just wanted to JUMP UP AND DOWN AND TELL EVERYONE IT WAS A MIRACLE!
My niece has a neurological disorder and was over medicated, the hospital gave her 3 needs that should NEVER EVER go together. She almost died. She lost the ability to walk, talk, speak, read, write, hold get own head up and even swallow. For 6 months after this happened she was detoxing, and doing better, but she was angry and looked/moved/had the capabilities of someone with MS. She could barely function. Then doTERRA came along. She has been on the Lifelong Vitality supplements and DDR Prime for 6 months now. Omg huge difference! You can still tell that she's special needs, but she can walk perfectly has her fine and gross motor skills back, speak clearly. She's in occupational therapy too get her hands writing back to where it was, but she can write again, do artwork again. She's reading, not on the college level like before the hospital mistake, but still she can read again. - JM
I have a "substantial" brain injury (according to my neurologist) due to mini strokes or MS...or both. The opinions waver. DDR has done a lot to help my memory, neuropathy, mood, pain, and coordination. I've been taking 2 capsules 2x a day (they recommend double doses for more severe cases) since last fall and can see a huge difference.-TJ

An excellent handout about essential oil recommendations for brain and nervous system challenges here. 

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