Monday, February 11, 2013

Migraines and essential oils

My husband came home with a terrible migraine, so I went to my Modern Essentials book, and it recommended the following oils:
  •  PastTense, peppermint, basil and Deep Blue.
We have the doTERRA peppermint oil and the Deep Blue oil blend, so I wanted to give it a try. My husband was reluctant to try it because he didn't think the oils would be effective (but I was persistent).

Peppermint should be diluted prior to applying it topically, so I put 2 drops of peppermint in approximately 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and rubbed it on my husband's temples, forehead and the back of his neck. Then I rubbed one drop of Deep Blue (which doesn't need to be diluted) on the same spots. He then went to lie down.

When my husband came out from his rest 15 minutes later, I was prepared to try rubbing Frankincense on his temples, forehead and back of his neck (if he wasn't open to putting it on the roof of his mouth), and DigestZen internally or on his belly (based on suggestions on the Everything Essential's website), but to my surprise, he told me that he didn't need it because the peppermint oil and Deep Blue had helped his migraine! Amazing!!

Recommendations for migraines
Other stories
"In the first five days of starting Life Long Vitality supplements, I noticed three significant improvements in my health. Since starting, with this as the foundation, I have gotten off of over 10 prescription meds (7 daily and more than 3 as needed). I no longer have migraines at all, it's been over 9 months. I am 54 years old and will be doing a 103+ mile bike ride in February."- Lori
The Lifelong Vitality supplements got rid of my mother's migraines within 7 to 10 days of starting them. - Angela
I have been taking 4-6 drops internally daily for over a year for my migraines and they have went from 14 a month down to only two! - Amber

You can purchase peppermint on its own or as part of doTERRA's intro kit and the Family Physician Kit.

March 3, 2013 -  Deep Blue and peppermint helped another friend with a migraine today! Yay! Read more about her story here.