Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post-traumatic stress disorder and essential oils

A powerful story from doTERRA Generations about an individual who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and insomnia. Read the whole story here.
At the time doTERRA found me, six months ago, I was barely functioning due to my adrenals being so worn out from stress. I was exhibiting symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I had chronic insomnia for two years that would not respond to most medication. I started on the Lifelong Vitality Pack right away. Within a week I felt my energy improving. I was hopeful, but I had tried so many different things to try to heal, I didn’t hold my breath.

I added two to three drops of Frankincense under my tongue daily, one drop of Melissa to the roof of my mouth, and started using the Mood Management oils, Balance, Serenity, Elevation, and Citrus Bliss, one drop once a day.

I am just ecstatic to announce that, with my doctor’s approval and assistance in tapering off; I have been OFF OF ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION for two months! No more anti-depressants, no more sleeping pills, no more pain pills. Not only am I off of them, I feel better than I have my entire life! I am calm, I am happy, I am involved in activities that interest me, I am playing with my children and grandchildren, I am planting a garden, I am sleeping, I am not in pain…I am ENJOYING my life!
Sarah's story

Dr. Hill had the following recommendations for Sarah's husband with PTSD. Read Sarah's entire story here.
  • Life Long Vitality supplements
  • DDR Prime in a capsule - great for cellular repair, cellular regeneration, relieves inflammation. Good for depression. It repairs your body on a cellular level.
  • Basil oil on the spine - basil has a great affect on the brain. It helps with severe depression, improves focus, and releases nervous energy.
  • Any citrus oil (e.g., lemon, wild orange, lime, Citrus Bliss, even Elevation) -- he suggested that he drink, wear or diffuse the citrus oils.
Within days of starting the this protocol, Sarah witnessed a dramatic change in her husband. He started smiling more, playing with the kids, being more appreciative and communicative with Sarah.

More stories
I helped my son's military friend who has PTSD with lavender rubbed on his back, neck and ears. I then applied pressure to his ears and held him until he fell asleep even through all his jerking and moaning he finally fell asleep. When he awoke he said that was the best night sleep he's had in years.
I use the PTSD blend on my husband...30 drops Elevation, 20 drops vetiver, and 30 drops Balance in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil to the top.

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