Friday, March 15, 2013

Frankincense - a powerful healing oil

Frankincense is a powerful healing oil. It is analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-depressant, astringent, cytophylatic (stimulating regeneration of cells), digestive, diuretic, expectorant, sedative, immune boosting tonic, and anti-carcinogenic.

We put a drop of frankincense on my six year old son's feet every night to help support his immune system and healing. I often smell frankincense directly from the bottle before I meditate to help me centre and connect.

Some stories that demonstrate frankincense's healing power...
From doTERRA Testimonials and info
"For the past 14 months I have been intensely involved in a medical autism recovery for my extremely delayed nonverbal son who turns 11 tomorrow. I am not going to make the mistake of attributing his recent gains ONLY to the fact that he has started taking frankincense internally over the past few weeks, because we have been doing a ton of work for over a year, but I know that Frankincense is having a powerful impact on his development. He has said "Ndl" (noodle) and "Nana" (banana) to ask for these foods, and last night he said "Yum" and "Eeeee" to tell me that he wanted dinner. He has been more smiley, interactive, and affectionate lately than in his entire life.
Bipolar / Depression / Anxiety
I started taking Frankincense last June for bipolar, depression and anxiety.  I just put a drop on my finger and hold it under my tongue for about 15 seconds, once in the morning and once at night. Since I have started taking the Frankincense, I went off of Klonopin, Amitryptiline, and cut down on Temazepam and Abilify. Taking the Frankincense has actually saved me money, and my health from nasty side effects from other drugs in the long run.- Tammy

Brain Trauma
The Diary of a doTERRA Skeptic shares a story of DR, a 17 year old boy with brain trauma here.
It was two days later (after I was rested) before I realized that something was different about DR. He had been content to listen without inserting into the conversation. He had been pleasant and self-sufficient, not requiring any help or assistance in any way. Wow! I spent considerable time analyzing what had changed. The only change in DR's nutrition or meds had been the Frankincense, so right away, we suggested DR increase to twice a day with the Frankincense...
Hepatitis C
From Healing at Home...
Recently I started putting a few drops of frankincense in my water to drink because of all of the benefits I have read about it - especially pertaining to the liver. I have hepatitis C and for years when I get a blood test my liver enzymes are always high. On April 20th, 2011, I had my fasting blood test and was informed 2 days later that my liver enzymes are normal. This is the first time I have heard this and the only thing I can think of that I am doing different is the daily ingestion of the Frankincense.
High Blood Pressure
From Jennifer Accommando's blog
Frankincense for high blood pressure. My father in law is in the hospital and I used it on him. It was down to normal in one minute. I just watched the numbers drop, it was so crazy. He was up to 176 before I used it... I put it on the bottom of his feet from his big toe to his heel. - Sarah
Migraines and Mastitis 
 My daughter has suffered from migraines since she is 7 years old, she is now 22. She would loose a complete day or more of living from these migraines. Usually hormonal issues are the start of them, sometimes not. She also has suffered from Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis (IGM). She decided to try some oils to prevent or at least make the migraines bearable about, 2 months ago. She started putting a drop of Frankincense on the roof of her mouth everyday and Past Tense on her forehead and temples. In the past 2 months she has not had a migraine, normally she would have had 4, 2 a month. But for me, even more amazing is that the other day her 2 year old accidentally kneed her in her breast, when he has done this before it was very painful because of the IGM. She realized at that moment that it did not hurt like it usually does and noticed that there were no lumps. Nothing is there, no cysts or pain. We truly believe it is the one little drop of Frankincense every single day that has made these cysts disappear!!!!- Rosanne
Latarran's story (read her entire story here)
I have a seizure disorder... I started rubbing frankincense on my feet and the back of my neck. I noticed a difference in how i was feeling right away. About a month ago we went to Wyoming for my grandpa's birthday, I forgot my oils at home and by day 2 of no oils and I had a seizure. Last week there had been some really stressful things going on and i had forgotten to use my oils and about day 2 or 3 of no oils I started feeling really weird. Wednesday morning it got worse and by 730 that evening I had a seizure again. I started doing my oils again 2 times a day and I started feeling normal again, my energy level went back to normal, I just felt great all around again. I never really realized how much the oils affected my energy level and my mood and my brain function until i stopped using them.
Lacey's story
Her parents found that when they started applying frankincense oil to the bottoms of two year old, Lacey's feet, her seizures almost immediately decreased from 8 to 12 a day to 2 to 3 a week. Today, Lacey is a happy and healthy girl.


From doTERRA Testimonials:
I met a precious woman at the event in Greenville, SC, last night who suffered from a stroke 10 years ago. When she walked into the first doTERRA event, she could barely walk, could only utter a few words and had no mobility on her left side. Last night, she bounced (truly!) into the meeting room after driving her own car and told her story of how CPTG frankincense and the AromaTouch Technique have given her life back to her. Her speech was clear and there was no sign of the effects of a stroke. It was miraculous...
My aunt has had a tumour on her spine for 20 years. She couldn't stand for too long without being in pain. Doctors suggested surgery. But then she started using Frankincense alone on the spine and she felt relief of the pain and discomfort and the tumor has decreased in almost to nothing. - Araceli

Accidents - pain, shock, emotional trauma

From Aroma doTERRA's FB page
Nothing like running your head full force into a corner wall...WOW I thought Sequoia's nose may have split open- thank goodness, it was just a really big fall (you know the silent kind cuz it hurts so bad crys.). HERE'S AN EMERGENCY SECRET, ya ready? When someone is in Great pain and shock, bust out your Frankincense and have them inhale. I've witnessed it time and again - it soothes the emotional trauma and the person calms almost immediately. The swelling and pain were of course tended to and all but disappeared within 20 minutes of the accident. Only a small bump was present when she went to bed tonight. After my adrenaline rush subsides and I know she's OK, all the other emotions emerge. Frankincense helps the healers recover in the same way. In fact, I just enjoyed some. - BluJay Hawk
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You can purchase frankincense on its own or as part of the Family Physician's Kit.