Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DDR Prime heals at a cellular level

doTERRA's DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex is great for cellular repair, cellular regeneration and relieving inflammation. It heals the body at a cellular level.

DDR Prime contains frankincense, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savory, clove, and niaouli that have been shown in clinical studies to support cellular health and vitality. I recently read that read that when asked if he had to choose just one essential oil, Dr. Hill would choose DDR Prime hands down.

DDR Prime comes in a bottle or in capsule form, and the bottle contains  30 mL (i.e., it contains twice as much oil as most of the other doTERRA essential oil bottles).
  • For children, you can put it on their spine and the bottoms of their feet. (I'd recommend purchasing DDR Prime essential oil blend in the bottle for children).
  • For adults, you can take 8 drops twice a day, or 2 liquid capsules twice a day. (I'd recommend purchasing the DDR capsules for adults since it makes it easier to ingest).
For more information about DDR Prime:
  • read the Product Information page here. 
  • watch a 21 minute video of Dr. Hill and Justin Harrison discussing the benefits of DDR Prime (which is called Novo Prime in Europe), including preventing DNA damage, inducing apoptosis (i.e., helps damaged cells to be destroyed) and reducing oxidative stress below.