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Essential oils for eczema

I have read a lot of stories about how the combination of melaleuca, lavender, geranium and frankincense (or some combination of these four oils) have helped individuals with eczema. I've also heard that cedarwood works great for eczema.

Wade's story

Wade shares two powerful photos here of his toddler with eczema covering her back, and then the clear skin on her daughter's back six days later after using:
  • 3 drops of Lavender and 2-3 drops of Melaleuca in tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil.
What a powerful (and yet gentle) combination of oils. 
  • lavender is calming to the skin
  • melaleuca has antibiotic properties
The eczema never returned, and before using the essential oils, his daughter had the eczema on and off for months.

Mikai's story

This story really touched my heart because it reminded me of my son who had really bad ezcema from when he was 3 weeks old. If only I knew about the healing power of pure essential oils 7 years ago. Read Mikai's full story (including before and after pictures here).
My baby Makai was suffering from eczema since he was 3 months old (We didn't know the causing until he was 9 months old. He had 8 out of 13 foods allergic to which was shown from the blood test result). I tried to use different brands lotions, creams, and methods to help little Makai feel better. I went to see the Dermatologist, however, none of the products really help him.

Until recently a good friend of mine told me about the Doterra essential oils. I doubted about it can help. I thought twice about it and decided to take a big faith to try it out. After, I applied the essential oils on Makai's face for a day. His face started to change and get heal. It is amazing product! I couldn't believe at first neither my husband. But, I have to admit it really works! I want to share with all the parents who have children suffer from eczema...

First of all, I put a thin layer of aquaphor on his face before apply the Doterra essential oils because baby skins very sensitive and delicate.  Then, I  mixed five different kinds of  essential oils put into a little container that has a roller ball on the top.  They are 5 drops Roman chamomile, 5 drops Myrrh, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Melaleuca and 20 to 30 drops fractionated coconut oil (to dilute the strong essential oils). 

Then, I mixed the same oils that I mentioned above and add 5 drops of frankincense for rubbing on his feet. 

I have found it is more effective to put on his face and feet 4-5 time a day. Also, trying to apply it when they are calm and relax. You can apply on them as many times as you want. It has better result of it. 

Also, I found of using fish oils from Doterra vitamins (i.e., xEO Mega) helps a lot and heal faster with the oils I mentioned before. I cut the fish oil capsules a few (2-3) and put it into a roller bottle (10ml) and dilute with fractionated coconut oil all the way for the bottle. I put them after I applied the bottle of mix with Lavender, Melaleulca, Roman Chamomile and Myrrh. 

Accidentally, I discovered when I used Doterra LLV (Life Long Vitality supplements) while I was still nursing Makai around 10 months old. It works even amazing that I don't need to apply the oil every day (only when he touches items that he is very allergic to). I think it is because the vitamins that I used boost up his immune system through the breast milk. 
Noah's story

In Noah's case, the combination of lavender, melaleuca and geranium diluted with fractionated coconut oil (FCO) wasn't enough.  Interestingly, a combination of frankincense and Balance diluted with FCO helped!
Frankincense is known for helping with skin problems as well as healing, but for some reason it hadn’t dawned on me to use it.  So, I started making my own blend of “Balance” and Frankincense oil diluted with coconut oil in aroller bottle that Noah could put on himself. I took a 10 ml bottle and put 20 drops of “Balance” and 8 drops of Frankincense in it.  Then I filled it up the rest of the way with the fractionated coconut oil. Within another month his eczema had cleared up COMPLETELY!  He now sleeps through the night like a normal child! (Read the entire story here).
Sara`s story

Jennifer Accomando shared Sara`s story here.
I`ve started using a couple of drops each of lavender and frankincense blended in a thick lotion we use on my 7 year old after his bath for eczema. After just a couple of days I see a tremendous difference! His skin is healing and he is not scratching at all at night. (Read the entire story here).
Tiffany's story
My 2 1/2 yr. old has suffered from severe dermatitis since she was 8 wks. old and we started using the lavender after every bath I have not had her back to the dr. since we started using in Jan. and I had her at the dr. for it almost every month. I just put lotion in my hand and 3-4 drops lavender in my hand and slather it on her body. They wanted to put her on steroids and opted to try doTERRA first. So glad I did!
Stephanie`s story

Stephanie`s friend shared their story at Stephanie Blue`s blog here (along with some amazing before and after pictures). Stephanie`s friend did the following:
  • gluten-free diet;
  • dairy-free diet;
  • doTERRA melaleuca and lavender with coconut oil; and
  • doTERRA lemon water daily. 
From doTERRA Testimonials and Info
Read this an amazing story with before and after photos of a one year old with full body severe infected eczema (it's worth clicking over to see. It's simply amazing) - here and here.
The full protocol is here.
Christy's miracle eczema cream

Christy at Modern Wellness suggests the following to make a miracle eczema cream. It's great for diaper rashes too.
  • 1/2 C. Coconut Oil (the solid kind in this case, not the liquid fractionated coconut oil)
  • 15 drops dōTERRA Melaleuca Essential Oil
  • 15 drops dōTERRA Lavender Essential Oil
  • 15 drops dōTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil
You can also just apply a small blob of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and add a drop of each to it, then rub where you need to. 

Our story

These stories are near and dear to my heart because my son had a terrible rash on his back (and several other places on his body) for most of the first 6 years of his life. He has a diagnosed primary immunodefiency that is related to this skin condition (hyper IgE syndrome or Job's syndrome -- so named because individuals with this rare genetic disorder often have terrible skin afflictions) and we have tried many, many things to help his skin in the past. Since we've been using the doTERRA oils (actually applied to the bottom of  his feet), his back has been healthy and completely clear. 

The oils that we use on our son change depending on his needs, but the oils that I believe that are helping his skin include:
  • a natural essential oil antibiotic combination, including oregano, melaleuca, On Guard and lemon mixed in a bottle -- 2 drops on his feet morning and night
  • frankincense - 1 drop on his feet at night
  • we sometimes also use a drop of lavender and/or peppermint on his feet as well (the combination of lavender, peppermint and lemon work as an allergy trio)
  • these oils are all applied to the bottom of his feet and they are applied undiluted. Since the feet have the biggest pores, the oils are absorbed into his bloodstream and are transported to wherever the need is greatest in his body.  
I'm so thankful to have discovered these natural and powerful healing oils. They are an answered prayer.

Childhood Eczema Protocol

This protocol was suggested by Dr Hill for a 15 month old child with eczema and asthma, who had an overgrowth of Candida in the gut.

Put 1 or 2 drops of each on the feet once a day for 10 days, then have a 20 day break.

Repeat for several months or until eczema is under control.

Give a probiotic every day. PB Assist is best if the child can swallow it, keifer if they can’t.

Add 1/3 of a terrazyme capsule to one meal a day.

IQ Omega and A2Z are also useful.

Use the supplements full time, including when using the oils.

Other tips
To deal with itchy patches
3 drops of Melaleuca
4 drops of Lavender
3 drops of Geranium
2 – 3 mls of fractionated coconut oil.
Rub on as often as needed, and especially after bathing.

Ensure child isn’t overheating; don’t have a heater on in the bedroom, and make sure that there is only a light blanket on the bed.

Watch the child’s diet; minimal sugar and white carbohydrates.

  • Read Everything Essential's recommendations for eczema here.
  • Read doTERA Life's recommendations here.

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