Sunday, April 28, 2013

Renal failure and essential oils

Jennifer Accomando shared the following powerful testimonial:
doTERRA Miracles do happen! My mom who is stage 5 renal failure finally agreed to start taking DDR and applying Immortelle and Helichrysum to her kidneys. She just went into the doctor and her blood work showed an improvement! Her doctor was floored because they say that isn’t possible. Thank you Lord for making the impossible~possible! Plus her cholesterol is down 120 points.” - Ginny E.
When I was in kidney failure (20% kidney function), I used DDR Prime, Zendocrine (in capsules twice a day) and juniper oil on my feet several times a day, rest, and lemon water. After 3 weeks I was fine. - Renee
I was at stage 4 and after taking the Lifelong Vitality supplements for 3 months had reduced to Level 2. My six monthly blood test continue to be good. - John
Emily Wright has also recommended the following for renal failure.
  • Rub juniper berry and lemongrass over the kidney areas twice a day, and drink lemon essential oil in the water throughout the day. 
For more ideas on essential oils and kidney disease, read Everything Essential's recommendations here.


  1. You don't say whether there was a diet change along with using the oils.

    1. These individuals in their stories didn't share whether there was a diet change.