Monday, May 20, 2013

Macular degeneration, improved eyesight and essential oils

Two amazing stories from doTERRA Mother about the power of essential oils to improve eyesight.

My mother who is 88 yrs old has macular degeneration in her eyes. (Her mother died legally blind). It has progressively gotten worse over the last four years to the point that her doctor in Provo, Dr. Carver, told her that she needed to start coming into his office every 4-6 weeks to get shots. She had been taking the vitamins and eye drops he had recommended for her, but her vision was getting progressively worse. So each 4-6 weeks she would go in for shots and the doctor would tell her they were a little worse each time. Last Winter/Spring (can’t remember the month) my sister told her to start rubbing “Clove” on her reflex points on her feet, and “Immortelle” around top of the eyebrow and down around the cheek bone 1-2 times each day. Last April was the first time she had gone in and he had said, “Well, they didn’t get any worse this time. That is good”. But keep coming in for shots.

She was starting to see clearer and clearer so she skipped all her appts this summer and just went in last week to have another check up, totally anticipating more shots. When the doctor checked her eyes he couldn’t believe it. He told her there were no more broken blood vessel breakage, and her eyes did not get worse, in fact the right eye was getting a little better. He told her these words, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, because it is working!!!” She was thrilled. She doesn’t need to use her glasses to read the small print of the scriptures anymore. She is SO Happy. She doesn’t ever plan to quit using those oils. They have saved her money on all those shots and co payments each month. That saved money is helping her buy more oils. She is thrilled.

My daughter, Alexis, has had a similar experience. She has worn glasses since she was 4 yrs old. Two years ago, the doctor told her they were at a point where they would not get any better. He told her the same thing last year too. She began to pray really hard about her eyes and felt like she should start using “Immortelle” every day around her eye (not inside the eye). she did this for several months, and she NO LONGER WEARS GLASSES AT ALL!!! In her words, this is what she says, “I know Heavenly Father blessed my eyes, and Immortelle helped too.” She gave all the credit to God.

Regarding macular degeneration: My mom is 73 yrs old and has been using Frankincense around her eyes consistently for four months...she has seen amazing improvements. She said it is almost gone.- Leanna

Michelle's Story from Tink's Essential Oils
I love frankincense! I have been applying this oil just above my eyebrow and it has increased the vision in my right eye from optic neuritis caused by my MS. This is truly amazing considering that doctors have repeatedly told me that I will never regain my sight due to the damage. I never expected a miracle to work on me, and have been truly blessed for the improvements in my vision. Today, I can see more distinctive shadows and in the right lighting some colors! 
Stories from doTERRA Life

“I have been wearing uni-focal contacts for 12 years now.  This means that one eye is for reading and the other eye is for distance.  I am currently wearing the highest magnification that can be worn before going cross-eyed.  I still need “reading glasses” just to read, especially at work on night-shift.   To my total amazement, I have discovered that using Immortelle around my eyes, twice a day, I do not need the “readers.”  I only am using contacts and I can read even tiny print.  Yeah!” - Tanya
“I have worn prescription bifocals for over 10 years.  The other night I picked up some mail off the cabinet and naturally reached for my glasses.  I was almost startled to realize that at the moment I held up the letter and before I had put my glasses on, I could read the address!   I don’t need them any more.  I went in to have my eyes checked this last week and my ophthalmologist said that my eyes had improved and I did not require nearly as strong a prescription.  I now only wear glasses for night driving!  She said that it is unusual but not unheard of for peoples eye site to improve, and said; “whatever you are doing… keep it up!”

What am I doing?  I use frankincense around my eye sockets daily. Just a single drop.  Every two weeks I switch to helichrysum for a week.  I also take my LLW pack daily (Lifelong Vitality Pack).  I’m not sure where most of the help is coming from, but I’m glad to have the problem of not knowing for sure which is helping.” -BK
“I had iritis/uveitis in my right eye, and I tried a couple of different things and ended up really liking the frankincense / cypress / lavender blend – it’s been really good for the iritis, and my eye doctor thought it was healing faster than it “normally” would, which is great.

I was going through my routine facial stuff yesterday morning and noticed that under the right eye was less wrinkled than the left, so I decided that I needed to put it around both eyes. This is a great side effect, but there’s more! This morning, after my shower, I forgot to put my glasses on before I went downstairs, and I didn’t even notice it until I went to turn on my computer! I’ve been wearing bifocals for 5 years for presbyopia and astigmatism, so this was fairly astounding to me. And the really, really cool thing is …. I haven’t put my glasses on all day!!” -Vikki
“I did not have a tear or detachment, but could have easily. I had to take it easy for a whole month. I take a drop of frankincense under my tongue every morning (when I remember to) and have been putting it around the eye bone as often in the mornings as I can remember to. Also I use melaleuca and myrrh sometime as well. I still have the floater, but I don’t see it as much. I think it has helped. My vision has improved so that’s a plus and my wrinkles are not as noticeable.” -Jan

From Access the Expert
My father has been struggling with Macular Degeneration for over 13 years. One day last month he told me that his left eye finally went dark. Everything was nearly black in it and his right eye was moving in that same direction.
We heard about the Immortelle Essential Oil Blend improving people’s eyesight as a side effect and so I gave him a bottle to apply around the socket of each eye before he went to bed. The next morning he reported happily that he could see light out of his left eye again. He repeated the same routine in the morning and in the evening from then on and the second morning he could see color. The third morning he could see shapes. The fourth morning he could see shapes at a distance and said his right eye was becoming clearer, too.
That’s pretty amazing and very exciting for all of us, because he (at 84) is easier to care for when he can see to get around and do things on his own. Three weeks later he left on a trip with my brother to the Norwegian Fiords because he could see again and always wanted to go there. Neat huh!
A lady at one of our team’s education classes shared her personal experience with improved eyesight within 2-3 months. She no longer needs to use her reading glasses to read. She used Immortelle topically on the bone around her eyes every morning and night (since Immortelle is a roll-on, I can’t say for certain how many drops, but probably less than 1 or 2 drops). She started last August and noticed in October that she didn’t need her reading glasses to read. Amazing!

I have been using doTERRA for about a year and a half. I take the Life Long Vitality vitamins, DDR prime, women's phytoestrogen, bone nutrient and use many of the oils. I started using the IMMORTELLE blend morning and night around my eyes to help with wrinkles. About six months ago I started feeling like my contacts were blurry. I went to the eye doctor and my eyes have improved 33%!! Back to what they were in 1992!!! The doctor was amazed! Then today I made another eye appt, because again I was having trouble seeing. They have improved another 30%!! So over all in the last year, my eyes have improved about 50%!! The only thing I have changed is using doTERRA products!!! Amazing!! - Jamie
Stories from Our Oil Experience
My 53 year old eyesight has improved with Immortelle per my eye doctor! Amazing!
I was told I needed eye surgery on both eyes for corneal dystrophy that was severe, so I began dabbing Immortelle around my eyes 3 times a day. One month later I saw the surgeon who said that while I have the disease, it is not severe and no surgery is needed. I'm going to keep using this in hopes it is fully restored.
Frankincense helps with eye issues too and is unbeatable combined with Immortelle. After a couple of days, the flashing lights I'd been living with for a number of years disappeared and so did the pinpricks through my eyes, which the ophthalmologist said was from dryness. I also noticed that my night vision improved immensely. I also use Immortelle for soft, smooth skin.
After using Immortelle for 3 months I went into the optometrist and he reduced my prescription. 1 year later it was reduced again! I love my Immortelle! I use 1 tiny swipe under each eye every morning! Under (like a football player smudge). Not in eye. I was a -3.5. Went down to a -3.25 and now I'm at a -3. I believe the omegas I'm taking in the Lifelong Vitality supplements (LLV) is a good portion of the success too. But I did not have success with just the LLV. (I've been using it for 4 years!)
Other Stories
While scrolling through facebook posts, I noticed my vision in my left eye becoming blurred in a way that made what I saw look like I was trying to read through the line on a bifocal lens... only it was kind of in a circle at the center of my focus. It became worse over the next few minutes, and did not go away when I tried looking farther away, or walking around the house and looking at different objects both far and near. This was a cause of great concern for me, as my other eye is almost unable to focus at all, so I depend heavily on the vision my left eye provides.

I remembered that some doTERRA users had reported an improvement in vision with the use of frankincense along the bones surrounding the eye socket. So I got my bottle of frankincense and applied several drops to that area of my left eye. I also placed one or two drops on my neck. Within just a few minutes, my vision returned to normal, and has been normal for at least a half hour. - Lisabeth
I took a friend to the eye doctor yesterday. She has to get shots in her eye every 3 months, Since she has started using Immortelle around her eyes 2 yrs ago she has not had to have any shots. The doctor couldn't believe how good her eyes where. He gave her a real good exam and said her diabetes was gone as well and she could also see one line lower on the chart. He said to keep using the oils that it has to be working. - Marilyn
Immortelle testimony: I have glaucoma which I was diagnosed with at age 13, I'm now 27. Over the past 14 years I have been on over 15 different eye drop medications to manage my pressure; all of which created some side effect as I'm sensitive to everything. Two years ago I had surgery on both eyes but it wasn't until this last February that I convinced my Dr to let me try to go without medication all together. Since then I have used Immortelle around my eyes twice a day. Today was my check up and my pressure is 16! Normal is 15 or below, for me my Dr is happy with anything below 24. Definitely won't be stopping the Immortelle! - Veronica
Immortelle is a powerful anti-aging essential oil blend, which contains the following essential oils:
  • Frankincense, which has been found to prevent the expression and activity of several proteins involved in the inflammatory response.
  • Helichrysum, which contains up to 10% diketoes, known for their renewing effects.  It also contains up to 30% sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, known as calming agents, as well as up to 50% esters.
  • Rose, known for its excellent hydrating properties, as well as its support of the skin's elasticity.
  • Lavender, which promotes tissue renewal.  One famous example of this property of lavender involves Dr. René-Maurice Gattefossé, Ph.D., a chemist working in cosmetics, who was burned during a chemical explosion in his lab in 1910.  He treated his burns with pure essential lavender oil, and experienced a quick recovery — without scars.
  • Myrrh, which contributes to the skin's balanced hydration, and supports general tissue repair. 
In addition to improving eyesight, I`ve read that Immortelle also reduces dark circles around eyes.


  1. thank you for posting these testimonials. I have macular degeneration and recently began using lavender in the evenings before bed via a carrier oil. It occurred to me this morning that I should check to see if it thins the blood because I would need to find something else or stop b/c I know I should not be on blood thinners while using the Avastin injections. The testimonials regarding frankinsence have given me peace of mind and will add that oil. I am going gradually in to this adventure.

    1. I'm so glad that these stories help....

      I don't believe that lavender or frankincense are blood thinners. I would avoid clover, fennel and thyme.