Friday, June 21, 2013

Bipolar disorder and essential oils

Today, someone asked me about essential oils for bipolar disorder, so I took a look at what Everything Essentials has to say, and they recommend the following essential oils and blends:

In addition, I found the following inspiring stories...

Holan's story

Holan shares very candidly her experiences and thoughts about bipolar disorder (including the importance of physical, emotional, financial, social and spiritual health)  here.

She has been medication-free for 6 years and recommends the following essential oils and blends:
  • Melissa - a very powerful healer and good for stress and tension. You can place it on your upper lip and on the back of your neck. 
  • Frankincense - a powerful healer.
  • Serenity - great for calming; helps with sleep.
  • Elevation - great for uplifting your mood and thoughts. 
  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements
    • 1 – Microplex VMz - a micronutrient-based supplement.
    • 2 – Alpha CRS - a cellular vitality complex supplement to help with cellular development and health and contains lots of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and boswellia.
    • 3 – xEO Mega - an omega fatty acid complex supplement with land and sea based omega oils that are chalked full of those healthy fats.
Cathleen's story
In 2006 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after suffering a psychotic episode that lasted a couple of months. When I came out of it and was diagnosed by the doctor, and it was explained to me, I finally understood my life and why there were times in my life when I could stay awake and go like a crazy woman for 3 and 4 days at a time and then there were times I couldn’t get out a bed for 3 and 4 days at a time. My life had been very confusing at times and I had just learned to deal with the symptoms but it finally made sense.
With the diagnosis, came prescription drugs. At first the prescription drugs alleviated the symptoms but with the drugs also came side effects, that were then treated with other medications. I didn’t realize the cycle until I was introduced to natural medicine… It’s a vicious cycle.
When I was introduced to doTERRA, although I was on medication for my bipolar disorder, I still had severe bouts of mania and depression. My depression would put me in bed for 2 to 3 days at a time. Once I started using the oils, specifically Frankincense and Wild Orange, a drop each on the bottom of each big toe (because the big toe is the reflex point to the brain), my depression pretty much went away.
Back in August I had a day where I fell deep into depression and I was really concerned because I thought, “here we go again!”, but it only lasted an hour. This morning the same thing happened to me and again, I put my oils on and within an hour I was and am completely fine!
Charly's story
My son is bipolar with severe psychosis, autistic, and OCD... Essential oils are an integral part of my son's treatment plan. This is our protocol. Diffuse Citrus Bliss, Serenity, and Balance in his room 20 minutes before arising. Our mornings were a nightmare till we did that. We use one of those light timers from Home Depot to automatically turn it on. Vetiver, Citrus Bliss, Balance three times a day on the bottoms of his feet. Serenity and Balance on his terra cotta diffuser necklace during the day. Diffuse Citrus Bliss, Serenity and Balance as needed. Peaceful Child in a roller ball for him to use when he feels need.
He has been more stable doing this than he ever was previously and we have eliminated his emergency meds from several times a day to none. 
Annie's story
I have a son who is bi-polar.  He responds REALLY well to all of the
oils!... He uses Balance a lot.  One thing we found was, if he goes off wheat
he improves immensely.  Balance on the bottom of the feet helps
immediately when he eats things he shouldn't,  When he begins a manic
phase because he has gone off of everything, he is now open to me
saying "our word" and he then goes and takes a dose of his homeopathic
and balance on the feet...
When my son first began using the homeopathic and Balance, he
was on 1500mg of Lithium.  He began noticing that he didn't like how
it made him feel, so (being a young indestructible man) he went off
it!  He didn't tell me until way later, because no one could tell
because of the homeopathic and Balance
Other stories
 5 drops each of frankincense and black pepper in a capsule 5x's a day, Life Long Vitality supplements, and DDR Prime. Balance and Elevation for mood. They helped to get me off my Bipolar, Depression, and Anxiety medications. Cannot live without them!- Melisa
I am bipolar, but of a slightly different variety than most people have.  Rather than being super productive or having grandiose or lofty plans in my manic phases, I would experience completely irrational rage instead.  It was horrible.  I went through years of either being depressed and despondent or angry at everyone and everything.  doTERRA has allowed me to get off all my medications. The oils I use on a regular basis that I'd never want to be without are frankincense, balance and whisper.  For me whisper and balance are very effective in helping me even out and stay calm, while the frankincense is of course, very supportive of the brain. - Melisa
I know someone with bipolar who used Balance and Serenity at night on the bottom of her feet and Balance and Elevation on her feet in the morning..... she was able to go off her med's. You have to be consistent. It can take 7-21 days before you really notice the difference.  - Kelly

I know someone with bipolar who swears by Melissa. It replaced her bipolar meds. - Kristy
 My fave oil is Balance and I've been able to get off of ALL my bi-polar meds with the mood management oils -- Serenity and Peaceful Child together at night give a GREAT night's sleep, Immortelle balanced my thyroid, and Solace stopped my hot flashes. The Life Long Vitality pack has also contributed greatly-- maybe even more so the Mito2Max and DDR Prime-- love that stuff!
 I was diagnosed with depression for 8 years and as bi-polar for another 6 but I am off all medications for 7 months now-- I use Frankincense under my tongue and bottoms of feet; Balance morning, night and anytime I need it in-between on the back and front of the brain; Citrus Bliss to lift the depression part on back and front of brain; then Serenity with Peaceful Child for great sleep also in the same spots. I felt them heal my brain! But I also used detox oils like Zendocrine and Cilantro on the bottoms of my feet and over my liver. Heavy metals and other toxins get stuck in the brain and disrupt the electricity. I'd also recommend cellular healing oils like DDR Prime and the Lifelong Vitality pack.- Rhoda
I started taking Frankincense last June for bipolar, depression and anxiety.  I just put a drop on my finger and hold it under my tongue for about 15 seconds. Since I have started taking the Frankincense, I went off of Klonopin, Amitryptiline, and cut down on Temazepam and Abilify. Taking the Frankincense has actually saved me money, and my health from nasty side effects from other drugs in the long run.- Tammy

My husband has been dealing with bi polar disorder since he was young not only that but also Attention Deficit Disorder.... About 2 months ago I bought InTune. He has been using it every day since. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to talk to him now. He tells me that the days he hasn't used it he can tell such a difference. He is more agitated and irritable and has to fight the urge to blow up. - M.L.

 One woman's experience with using Balance essential oil blend

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