Sunday, August 4, 2013

TerraShield essential oil blend for bed bugs

A few days ago, we stayed at a cabin by a beach. We had a great time, but the cabins were pretty old and last time we stayed at them, my husband was bitten by bed bugs. Gross! (Yes, it's a bit crazy that we went back again this year, but they are the only cabins by this particular beach and we went with another family).

I had the brilliant idea to apply TerraShield essential oil blend on my body before I went to bed and so I slept better than I normally do when I sleep in strange beds - I felt protected from any potential bed bugs and also felt protected energetically too. According to Daniel MacDonald in his book, Emotional healing with Essential Oils, repellent blends such as TerraShield energetically strengthen the protective shield around one's body, helping them to feel safe. I certainly did feel safer and more protected with TerraShield that night.

Of course, TerraShield also came in handy when the mosquitoes came out earlier that night!

 Everything Essentials recommends the following essential oils for bed bugs:
  • Clove, 
  • Lavender, 
  • Lemongrass,
  • On Guard, 
  • Peppermint, and 
  • Purify 
  • with Melaleuca and TerraShield being secondary choices. 
Good to know for next time because I also always carry lavender, OnGuard and peppermint with me in my essential oil key chain holder.