Monday, August 26, 2013

Vertigo and essential oils

Stories about vertigo and doTERRA essential oils...

From Jana Tzinberg's blog
A close friend of mine wanted to get some samples of a couple of oils to give to her sister-in-law. She suffers from vertigo and was losing hope that anything could help her. So she took the Ginger and Geranium samples and applied them to the tops of each ear, massaging it in slowly. She also applied the oils behind each ear and down to the jaw bone. She called my friend to tell her that the oils had taken away her dizziness and the spinning sensation she had experienced for so long. And this was after the first application!
From Amy at doTERRA Essential Oils
I woke up around 3:30 am extremely dizzy, a few nights ago. I just couldn't stop the world from spinning. Then, of course the nausea hit. I had my wonderful husband get me our frozen corn out of the freezer (putting that on the back of my neck has always helped with my nausea). Then I had Wesley look up in our essential oils book what is good for dizziness (he actually looked up 'vertigo'), but the only thing we had was Ginger for the dizziness. For the nausea, he applied Peppermint. He put both of these oils to the bottom of my feet and Peppermint on the back of my neck because of it's cooling effect (replacing the frozen corn). I was able to sleep until 5am. Then I got up and put more Peppermint and Ginger to my feet, then I applied them again later that morning. I also rubbed DigestZen on my stomach and feet a few times throughout the day because I couldn't get rid of the nausea feeling. That helped kick it out of my system. I felt weak and tired that day, but by the next day I was up and running as usual.
Stories from Everything Essentials
My husband had chronic vertigo for about a year and a half off and on. It wasn’t totally debilitating but it was not a good situation either. The doctors couldn’t figure it out. He started taking the LLW (now Life Long Vitality supplements), ginger, frankincense, lemon, On Guard, peppermint, Balance, DigestZen. The vertigo left immediately upon taking the oils. One time it started to come back but he had missed 3-4 days of the oils. When he began taking them again, immediately the vertigo was gone. His strongest feeling is that the ginger and LLW are the keys. He takes the other oils as well for other ailments. I only tell you about them because we just aren’t sure what exactly has done the trick. But this last week he really had a test to see if it was still there but hiding, it would have reemerged. He spent 3 hours on a ladder replacing fluorescent lights in a ceiling, one after another. He had a ten minute break. No sign of the vertigo.
His recommendation would be to take the LLV faithfully, and load up on ginger. Obviously the Balance would make sense as well. I would put the ginger around the ear externally, on feet, on reflex points – feet, hands, ears, take internally, and diffuse aromatically - Debbie

I had a man come into my shop and was experiencing vertigo so I gave him some Peppermint and he put it on the back of his neck and temples and it went away in a split second! - Kathy
In the past I have had some very severe bouts with vertigo.  I can't stress enough how much Ginger helped me.  I agree with the others about the LLW (i.e. Life Long Vitality supplements) also.   Be persistent and you can manage this problem - Lori
Occasionally I experience vertigo, I don't know what brings it on, other than stress or lack of sleep, as sometimes I miss out on many hours of sleep if I'm at a birth.  It is like a migraine without the headache pain. I get nauseated, everything around me spins, it usually last for 3-4 hours, sleep in a dark room with NO movement helps. This last time is was worse than in the past, it lasted for 2-3 days, I tried 2 drops of Frankincense under my tongue and to my amazement, I felt instantly better, not 100%, but at least I could function. I continue this routine every hour or two, as I could feel symptoms coming back, and knew it was time for my drops again, but by the next day I was much better. - Stephanie
My mother in law had extreme vertigo to the point she had to take a prescriptions just to function some days. But Balance essential oil blend on her feet every morning and she hasn't had a spell in about a year.  - Jessica
I had vertigo just the other day and did 2 drops of frankincense under my tongue and ylang ylang and frankincense behind my ears. Felt 100% better in 10 minutes . - Terri
Frankincense took my vertigo away. I don't have chronic vertigo, but I had it for a couple days in a row recently. Dropped some Frankincense under my tongue a couple times and was good by the next morning. - Jerrica
I had a sudden onset of vertigo last week for the first time...  I put a couple drops of frankincense under my tongue and rubbed some on the bone behind by ears. Within less than 30 minutes my room was no longer spinning and I felt like I could start functioning again. I am on day two of continuing the application and everything has not completely gone away but at least I am able to function through the symptoms and I am 95% better than when I was not using the oils.
I take frankincense internally. I started using in 2-3 drops under the tongue when I had horrible vertigo. I was spinning for weeks and then within 2 days of using I was completely better. - Stephanie
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