Thursday, October 10, 2013

C. difficile and essential oils

Stories of individuals who have used doTERRA essential oils for Clostridium difficile (C. difficile).
“In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed with C. diff, a very serious internal bacterial infection that many end up in the hospital or die from every year. The #1 reason you contract C. diff is from being on an antibiotic. I however, had not been on any antibiotics, but was deemed that it was from contaminated food. What took it away? doTERRA CPTG Melissa Essential Oil. I used 4 to 6 drops in an empty capsule for a day 1/2, my next lab test came back negative. But, but because I had this infection, I now had Post Infection irritable bowel syndrome, and was told that I would have it for at least 6 months, it not more. I was taking a probiotic, as well as using doTERRA DigestZen on the occasions I had a tummy upset or serious issue from eating something that did not agree with my stomach. It took just over a month for me to be back to 100%. - Jennie, Jennifer Accomando's website; also read Jennie's full story at Heartpoint Healing.
Oregano 4 drops in a gel cap until it clears 2x a day. C-diff almost killed me 4 times last year. Been free from it for almost a year now!  - Heather
A friend's 5 year old son had C. diff last year.  He did 2 rounds of antibiotics at $2,000 a pop.  It came back a 3d time.  She used oregano, topically and internally.  She also ditched the hospital-grade hand soaps (another huge expense) and put oregano oil in her own hand soap.  She also did sprays with oregano oil and sprayed the door knobs, countertops, etc.  It worked - Stephanie
My mom had C. diff. really bad.  She was already taking the vitamins and a variety of oils for other health issues.  I knew when she told me it was something other than the stomach flu.  So I told her to immediately start taking the THE BIG GUNS!  Which is Oregano, melaleuca, onguard, lemon, thyme and clove in a capsule.  3x a day until you have solid bowel movements.  Within 3 days, things started to settle down some.  She was on numerous prescription meds for other ailments.  But during that time wasn't able to take them.  Because of the constant runs.  So I told her to put the protocols together for the ailments she was taking the prescription drugs for.  Within a weeks time she was checking her blood sugar and blood pressure everyday and the levels had decreased drastically enough.  That she was able to go off all her meds and only uses the oils for everything.  - Lorie
My friend had C. difficile for 9 months and the doctors could not treat it no matter what they put her on and I recommended the MRSA regimen  (see below) and she is now feeling 90% better. She also found that the Lifelong Vitality supplements have been amazing with giving her energy back after being sick for so long. - Apryl
I have a friend who is using probiotics along with the symphony of cells (infectious disease spinal technique), and OnGuard internally. She is having great success. 


Laboratory studies have demonstrated OnGuard essential oil blend to be effective against C. difficile, according to Dr. David Hill, doTERRA's Chief Medical Advisor.

Dr. Hill has provided the following recommendation for C. difficule:
 3 or 4 drops On Guard in a capsule with 1 or 2 drops Black Pepper. Two times per day.
The MRSA protocol is also recommended for individuals with C. difficile.
  • OnGuard, Melalueca, Oregano. The OnGuard can be applied directly on the affected area, or the Melaleuca. The OnGuard, Melaleuca and Oregano can be put in a capsule (4 drops of each) and taken internally, every 2-3 hours  for a week. Drink lots of water with lemon to help flush out toxins. 
I've heard that some hospitals have begun diffusing On Guard to kill staph infections and C. difficile .

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