Saturday, July 25, 2015

Featured Essential Oil User: Cheryl Fenk

Cheryl Fenk is a gifted and compassionate yoga teacher and naturotherapist who offers the most divine spa-like relaxation treatments that inspire healthy living and cultivate present moment awareness. In her own words...

"I was introduced to essential oils by the gorgeous scent of oils being diffused at my dear friend Janice's house. She also had this amazing foaming soap in her bathroom (I am now hooked on the protective essential oil blend
I had been using essential oils with my massage clients for many years, but wanted more in depth knowledge about the oils.     I am now gradually incorporating essential oil blends into various relaxation treatments.

What I really love is adding lemon essential oil to my water and Wild Orange to my smoothies each day. Extra Bergamot in my Earl Grey tea also makes me smile. And I'm enjoying a night time ritural of massaging Frankincense and Myrrh onto the bottoms of my feet before bed."

Find out more about Cheryl at her Embrace Wellness website.

 Feel free to contact Cheryl Fenk with any questions about essential oils that you have at

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