Thursday, November 1, 2018

Kids Collection

Our 12 year old loves the new Kids Collection. I wasn't sure if he would think it was too "babyish", but when they arrived, he claimed them as his own. 

"Wow - I have my own oils. These are actually pretty cool". 

He loves the carabiners, pouch, cards and everything!

And, as a mom, I love that there are two oils for the body (Strong and Rescuer), two for the mind (Calmer and Thinker) and two for the emotions (Steady and Brave). It's perfect!

My son especially loves the aroma of Rescuer blend (lavender, spearmint, tomar seed, copaiba) - he finds it calming and he's also been putting it on his scars from a recent surgery that he had.

And I especially love the Brave blend (wild orange, amyris wood, osmanthus flower, cinnamon bark) - I also find it reassuring, energizing and invigorating.

Do you have a favourite?

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