Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Welcome Back Promotion

If you have not placed an order for 4 or more months (no orders since August 31, 2018), you are eligible for the following promotion!

  • Place a STANDARD order of 100PV or more and receive a FREE Breathe. Promo Code: JANBREATHE2019
  • Place a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order of 100PV or more and receive a FREE Breathe AND On Guard essential oil. Promo Code: JANGUARD2019
  • These freebies CAN be combined with the other monthly promos such as the FREE Frankincense and Grapefruit so long as you meet the criteria for them. For example, if you place a 200PV or more LRP order by Jan. 15, you will receive a FREE Breathe, On Guard, Grapefruit, AND Frankincense! ($137.75 US Wholesale Value)!

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