Thursday, March 14, 2019

Prime Meridian Health Clinics

Did you know that doTERRA has opened four Prime Meridian Health Clinics in the US, where board-certified physicians offer integrated health care, including recommendations for essential oils? There are plans for 30 additional health clinics.

doTERRA is not looking to simply improve health outcomes, but also to turn the entire axis of healthcare worldwide with patient-centered care, better accessibility, and cheaper costs. Welcome to Prime Meridian Health Clinics™.

The vision of Prime Meridian Health Clinics can be summarized in four points:

•allopathic and holistic
•lower costs
•ease of accessibility
•improved health outcomes.

No more focusing on addressing symptoms; Prime Meridian offers preventive and holistic answers to your medical questions. With the direct primary care model, Prime Meridian offers a proven model to drive down your healthcare costs. You’ve seen the numbers, healthcare accessibility is a major issues. 

This spring, Prime Meridian Health Clinics are opening in Utah (Pleasant Grove and St. George), Nashville and Phoenix.  Plans are in place for clinics to open all over the U.S. and globally. These are exciting times!
doTERRA is revolutionizing health care.

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