Saturday, November 30, 2019

Lemon eucalptus essential oil uses and benefits

Lemon Eucalyptus is one of our newest essential oils.
  • It offers amazing protection from mosquitos - it is 97% effective for up to 4 hours of application.
  • Add to a spray bottle to cleanse surfaces and refresh any room.
  • Diffuse it - it smells so bright and fresh!
  • Add one to two drops to the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale to uplift and brighten your day.
  • Add one to two drops of lemon eucalptus to your fabourite skin cleanser.
  • Blend three to four drops in fractionated coconut oil for a soothing uplifting massage.
  • Lemon eucalyptus can be used to destroy the biofilm around Candida albicans.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Super creamy and warm, this soup is perfect for a cold winter day.

¼ cup medium diced onion
¼ cup medium diced celery
¼ cup small diced carrot
3 cups medium diced butternut pumpkin
2–3 cups chicken stock
½ cup double cream or evaporated skim milk
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon black pepper
2 drops Cardamom essential oil
2 drops Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Servings: 2

  1.  Roast first 4 ingredients in 175 degree Celcius oven; when nicely browned put in sauce pan.
  2. Add 2 cups chicken stock, double cream, salt and pepper.
  3. Simmer until just boiling, place in food processor.
  4. Puree until smooth, add more stock if needed for smooth, soupy texture.
  5. Add essential oils.
  6. Add more seasoning if needed. Serve hot.

DIY: Solid Perfume

It is easy to enjoy the many benefits of essential oils with this long-lasting Solid Perfume DIY. Simply add your favorite essential oil to the mixture and pour into a unique container for a personalized perfume.
2 tablespoons beeswax
2 tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil
20 drops of your favorite doTERRA essential oil or blend
  1. Add beeswax and Fractionated Coconut Oil to glass jar.
  2. Place jar in saucepan with one to one and a half inches of boiling water.
  3. Stir ingredients until combined (about 5–10 minutes).
  4. Once melted, remove from heat and let rest for three minutes.
  5. Add essential oil and stir.
  6. Pour into containers.
  7. To use, apply small amount to skin. 
Note: Pour perfume into an empty locket or metal container for easy on-the-go access.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

DIY: Lip Gloss

Commercial lip gloss can contain artificial colors and fragrances. Make your own natural lip gloss that is easy, fun, and can be customized with your favorite color and essential oils.

¼ teaspoon white beeswax
¾ teaspoon Shea butter (or virgin coconut oil)
2 ¼ teaspoon castor oil
¼ teaspoon vitamin E oil
7 drops of your favorite essential oil
Pigment (such as organic beet root powder or mineral makeup)

Note: This is enough to fill two standard lip gloss tubes. You can find empty lip gloss tubes online and at local beauty stores.

  1. Place all ingredients, except for essential oil, into a glass jar.
  2. Place jar in a saucepan with one to one and a half inches of boiling water.
  3. Once melted, remove and let cool for two minutes.
  4. Add essential oil.
  5. For color, add pigment and stir until combined. Note: Start with a little and add more until you get desired color.
  6. Using a dropper, transfer into the lip gloss containers. If it starts to get too thick, place glass jar back in warm water to melt.

White grapefruit essential oil uses and benefits

White Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits and Uses:
  • Helps aid the digestive process when taken internally
  • Refreshes the senses and creates an uplifting environment when diffused
  • Helps maintain a healthy body weight

  • For a DIY room or bathroom freshening spray, put several drops of White Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lavender, and your favorite fir oil into a spray bottle with water.
  • Add 1-3 drops of White Grapefruit to water, lemonade, or tea for a twist in flavor and digestive benefits.*
  • Include White Grapefruit in your skin care routine by adding it to your favorite exfoliator or scrub.
  • Add a few drops of White Grapefruit to shampoo for added cleansing properties and a light, sweet scent.
  • Diffuse White Grapefruit with Douglas Fir for a refreshing, energizing, balancing atmosphere.

Black spruce essential oil sourcing and uses

Have you tried doTERRA's new black spruce essential oil yet? It is oh, so grounding and smells like walking through a black spruce forest.

doTERRA's black spruce is sourced from Quebec in Canada and is a good news story because the spruce needles typically would just be left behind as waste material after being harvested for lumber and pulp and paper industries. After the Black Spruce remnants have been distilled, the branches and needles are taken to a local powerplant, where they are burned to produce energy. From this process they are also able to produce steam, which then powers the distillation process again. This creates a closed-loop system for maximum environmental sustainability and responsibility. Read more here.

I was pleased to meet Jean-Claude Villeneuve, who is doTERRA's sourcing partner at the doTERRA convention in Sept. It felt meaningful to meet him in person. Below is a picture of Jean-Claude with Emily Wright, one of doTERRA's founders.

Black spruce essential oil is so beautiful - it's a must have!
  • It's the key component in one of my favourite essential oil blends (Balance!) and helps to stimulate feelings of balance and courage.
  • Apply it topically to joints and bottoms of feet before and after exercise.
  • Add 2-3 drops to hands and breathe deeply to open airways.
  • Apply to back of neck to support your brain and cognitive function.