Saturday, November 2, 2019

Black spruce essential oil sourcing and uses

Have you tried doTERRA's new black spruce essential oil yet? It is oh, so grounding and smells like walking through a black spruce forest.

doTERRA's black spruce is sourced from Quebec in Canada and is a good news story because the spruce needles typically would just be left behind as waste material after being harvested for lumber and pulp and paper industries. After the Black Spruce remnants have been distilled, the branches and needles are taken to a local powerplant, where they are burned to produce energy. From this process they are also able to produce steam, which then powers the distillation process again. This creates a closed-loop system for maximum environmental sustainability and responsibility. Read more here.

I was pleased to meet Jean-Claude Villeneuve, who is doTERRA's sourcing partner at the doTERRA convention in Sept. It felt meaningful to meet him in person. Below is a picture of Jean-Claude with Emily Wright, one of doTERRA's founders.

Black spruce essential oil is so beautiful - it's a must have!
  • It's the key component in one of my favourite essential oil blends (Balance!) and helps to stimulate feelings of balance and courage.
  • Apply it topically to joints and bottoms of feet before and after exercise.
  • Add 2-3 drops to hands and breathe deeply to open airways.
  • Apply to back of neck to support your brain and cognitive function.

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