Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tea tree essential oils for energetic boundaries

I've started to apply a drop of tea tree oil to my head and the soles of my feet daily to help with energetic boundaries.

Some other tips about tea tree below from Elena Brower:
"Literally every day I find a way to use Tea Tree. Especially supportive for skin, from bites to blemishes, Tea Tree is a must in every household; use it from head to toe. Test to see if you need to dilute if you have sensitive skin - most can use it neat (undiluted) for all of the above reasons.

Tonifying (strengthening) to the 'Guardian Qi,' Tea Tree is helpful every day... diffuse with Lemon and Peppermint when you've been out and about to support respiratory function and clear any energetic congestion.

Speaking of which - Tea Tree is also incredible for energetic boundaries - great for misting around your body before and after any tough interactions, or applied to inner wrists and elbow creases."