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Our family (Janice, Mel and Alex) absolutely loves doTERRA essential oils and have completely embraced using them in all aspects of our lives. We are convinced that these oils are the best available because of their purity and because they are indigenously sourced around the world.

We have been using doTERRA oils since 2012, and were first introduced to them when our son was 6 years old and was in need of extra support due to some health issues.

We use them in our every day products (like soap, shampoo, toothpaste), for emotional balance, to help with stress, for comfort, for aches and pains, to boost our immune system, to help our digestion, to help with sleep, wound healing, and so much more. We also use a lot of their supplements, especially the Lifelong Vitality supplements, which helps with mental clarity, emotional balance and energy.

doTERRA essential oils and products support our family's health on a physical and emotional level in so many ways. Our goal is to support you and your family's health and wellness journey.  

Please email Janice at spirityoga@live.com if you have any questions about essential oils.We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and love working with people from around the world. We have team members in Canada, as well as the US, UK and Australia.

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